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Limón Dance Company's reJoyce

Limón Dance Company's reJoyce


Limón Dance Company


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Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - 7:30pm daily through April 3, 2020
Saturday, April 4, 2020 - 6:00pm daily through April 4, 2020
Sunday, April 5, 2020 - 2:00pm daily through April 5, 2020



Limón Dance Company

We are excited to share with you our reJOYCE week, a virtual season made to honor what would have been our 2020 Joyce Season. Our virtual season will take place March 30th-April 5th through LIMÓN LIVE @limondance. Here's what reJOYCE will consist of: In addition to daily live open classes (Monday-Saturday, 3 pm), each night an Instagram Live video will be happening on our Limón instagram (@limondance) honoring a different piece and/or collaborator of our season. The live videos will consist of a sort of Q & A situation between the collaborators and a company member. We are planning to keep each evening's event to 30-40 minutes. Below I have included an updated schedule of our reJOYCE week which includes accurate times, the theme of live video per day, as well as who is paired up with who. Additionally I have a list including each person's name and their role leading up to this week.  
Here's what we shared on our instagram in anticipation for the celebratory week: 
Join us for a 7-day reIMAGINATION honoring Limón Dance Company’s NYC Season! Our virtual season will take place March 30th-April 5th through LIMÓN LIVE @limondance. We will reINVENT the 2020 Joyce Season to be experienced from any location around the world, with LIVE classes and celebratory posts blending the past and present. In addition, the celebration will include a special LIVE event each day to honor the work that would have been seen LIVE. We will introduce you to the artists that were involved in creating the entire program, dissecting the works from many angles. reJOYCE 2020 will give you access to the inner workings of the world of José Limón in present time. A time to reJOYCE!

reJOYCE Week: 
Tuesday, March 31 - Mazurkas with Logan & Savannah 
7:30 pm EST
Conversation about reconstructive process
Wednesday- Orfeo with Pablo & Ty, Pablo & Lauren 
7:30 pm EST
Conversation about reconstructive process
Thursday- Traitor with Dante & Mark, Dante & David 
7:30 pm EST
Conversation about reconstructive process
Friday- Limón Launch with Kathryn & Nicole (tentative), Kathryn & student, or student & student (tentative)
7:30 pm EST
Conversation about creative process as well as Launch studies program 
Saturday- Collaborators with Barbara, Chris & Jessica 
6 pm EST
Conversation about production elements (costuming, lighting) and their role in our season 
Sunday- The Future with Chafin and Gregory, Chafin and Marsha  
2:00 pm EST
Conversation about creative process and things to look forward to. Dedicated to the scheduled performances this summer
at ADF, where the company will premiere "Suite Donuts" by guest choreographer Chaflin Seymour, an ADF alumnus and
emerging choreographer. 
Company dancers and staff:
Mariah Gravelin: Company member
Ty Graynor: Company member
Terrence Diablo: Company member
Savannah Spratt: Company member
Lauren Twomley: Company member
David Glista: Company member 
Mark Willis: Company member 
Jessica Sgambelluri: Company member
Gregory Hamilton: Company member 
Marsha Pierre: Company apprentice 
Frances Samson: Company member 
Joey Columbus: Company member 
Eric Parra: Company member
Logan Kruger: Rehearsal director/ former company member, restaged Mazurkas 
Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba: Former company member, restaged Orfeo 
Dante Puleio: Former company member, restaged Traitor 
Kathryn Alter: Former company member, Training Programs Director 
Barbara Erin: Costume designer 
Christopher Chambers: Lighting designer 
Chafin Seymour: Guest choreographer


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