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Loco-Motion's Young Dancers Conceptualize, Choreograph, and Perform 11 Pieces

Loco-Motion's Young Dancers Conceptualize, Choreograph, and Perform 11 Pieces


Monday, May 6, 2013 - 11:00am

Monday, May 18 at the Miller Theatre

Loco-Motion's Young Dancers Conceptualize, Choreograph, and Perform 11 Pieces
Monday, May 18 at the Miller Theatre

Loco-Motion Dance Theatre will perform at The Miller Theatre located
at 2960 Broadway (at 116th Street) on May 18th, 2013, at 7:00pm.
Directions by subway: 1 train to 116th Street; by bus: M4, M60 or M104
to 116th Street. Tickets are 5/adults and 0/children and can be
purchased at the venue starting an hour before the performance. No
reservations are necessary. Loco-Motion's young choreographers and
dancers, ages 5 - 18, conceptualized, created and choreographed 11
original pieces utilizing a unique creative process developed by
Artistic Director Lisa Pilato.

Over ninety young choreographers participated in classes and workshops
to create a dozen new dances. Some of the topics include: relationship
dynamics of vintage cartoon characters; the monster under the bed and
how that transforms in adolescence; a Wii video game gone awry; the
effects of advanced technology and social medial on face to face
communication; silent movie still photography; and a dance using
various safety, danger and caution tapes as movement impetus.

In addition to participating in Loco-Motion's curriculum of
modern dance, dance composition, ballet and
improvisation techniques, students from six different
classes have spent the last nine months in extensive choreography
workshops. Under the tutelage of Artistic Director Lisa Pilato, they
have been conceptualizing, creating, editing and executing their own
pieces in a unique dance environment that allows for individual
creative expression and artistic autonomy. Young artists who are
relatively new to the choreographic process will have the opportunity
to showcase their work along side of Loco-Motion's older and more
experienced choreographers. Their combined training and performance
backgrounds have coalesced and transformed this dedicated group of
children into a formidable ensemble. It will prove to be an
entertaining and thought-provoking experience for audiences of all ages.

Loco-Motion students explore modern dance skills and study the
techniques of Pilato, José Limón, Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey
among others while participating in workshops by visiting artists in
ballet, West African dance and physical comedy. Students are also
encouraged to develop their own personal movement style, to think
independently and to trust their own voice. “Loco-Motion provides a
forum for young voices to be heard,” says Pilato. “We encourage
students to create material that reflects their responsibility as
members of a global community, to search for fresh answers to old
questions while exploring the idea that art can effect positive
change. We encourage children to take risks, and we support them in
their creative vision.”

Loco-Motion Dance Theatre for Children is a not-for-profit performing
arts organization for children located in St. Mark’s Church
in-the-Bowery 131 East 10th Street in Manhattan. Their primary purpose
is to cultivate the development and appreciation of dance and theater
arts among school-age children of all backgrounds and levels of
ability. Classes and workshops combine technical and creative
exercises to develop the imaginative capabilities of each child,
infusing them with confidence in their abilities and enabling them to
grow as artists and individuals.

For more information about Loco-Motion Dance Theatre for Children,
please visit their website at www.loco-motiondancetheatre.org.

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