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[MONTREAL, CANADA] Springboard 2019—Auditions by Mail

[MONTREAL, CANADA] Springboard 2019—Auditions by Mail


Springboard Danse Montreal


Montréal, Canada
1908 rue Panet, #304
Montreal, QC H2L 3A2


Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 10:00am daily through June 28, 2019



Springboard Danse Montreal

If you are unable to attend the Springboard Danse Montréal 2019 live auditions in person (Vancouver, New York, Montréal, Toronto), you may mail in your audition materials. Applications must be received by December 1, 2018 or they will not be considered. Those who are submitting materials from outside of the US are advised to mail their materials early enough to allow for unforeseen delivery delays.


Visit springboarddansemontreal.com/audition. Ages 21+. Applications must be received by December 1, 2018 or they will not be considered. The application process includes an online portion but also requires certain materials to be sent by mail. Applicants submitting materials from outside of the US are advised to post early to allow for unforeseen delivery delays.


Springboard Danse Montréal connects hand-selected, elite performers with influential and renowned companies and choreographers from around the world in Montréal. Springboard aids the professional dancer at various stages of their career by providing the skills necessary to transition between school and a first job, by developing broader career opportunities, and by enriching an already burgeoning career with new contacts and exposure. In addition, the project facilitates current and future artistic endeavours between countless dancers and choreographers by nurturing an invaluable network of professional peers.


  • 10 Principal Companies from Canada, USA, Europe, Northern Europe and Israel
  • 7 Emerging Choreographers from Canada, USA and Europe
  • 54 hours of rehearsal
  • 6+ weekend auditions with companies looking to hire
  • 30+ potential employers
  • 5 days of 3-hour workshops with the Principal Companies during Week One
  • 15 morning classes with 5 teachers (ballet, contemporary, Gaga and Flying Low)
  • 1 evening at Usine C with:
    • 15 stage works
    • 2 Installations
  • 450+ invited guests including Presenters, Agents, Managers, and Artistic Directors from companies in Canada, the United States and Europe
  • 150+ hours of dance, art and culture in the vibrant cultural Montreal community

For questions regarding Mail-In Auditions: preregister@springboarddansemontreal.com

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