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Movement Research Festival Spring 2013: Alternate / Shelter

Movement Research Festival Spring 2013: Alternate / Shelter


Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 4:15pm

May 21-25, 2013

Festival brochure graphic design by Eric Palmerlee                                                 
May 21-25, 2013
Curatorial Team: 
Vanessa Anspaugh, Hilary Clark, Mina Nishimura,
and Antonio Ramos

Curatorial Statement
Where is our space? Where is our home?
Performance and dens of creation...dissolving.
Where do we go?
How do we afford our homes, creative and domestic?
Many of us are priced out.
We are dispersed.
We're lost in the attempt to locate connections between us...a collective desire, even if for a moment, to say, well, we are still HERE.
We desire to share space, a space to get lost on purpose, a space to hold us, a space to warm us,
interpreters of significance, philosophers of the body, seekers of alternate shelter.
We desire to feel the unevenness of the ground below us,
to embrace the precarity of this landscape, to render a new poetry that was lost in our remote communication.
Let's claim new spaces, real or imagined, to move in and be moved.
We hold a space for everyone including EVERYONE
to create a home, a protected space that for a moment can hold our transience, wanderlust, transferring weight from one foot to another.
Welcome to our


Festival Events

Tuesday, May 21
Both events take place at
The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street
F/G to Bergen St.


Precarious Homes: A Conversation on Precarity and Performance with Katherine Brewer Ball
6-7pm FREE
Performance and the performing body have a unique relationship to life in later capitalism. In post-Fordist economies characterized by precariousness - what Julia Bryan-Wilson calls "a pervasively unpredictable terrain of employment" - the language of performance is commonly used to describe affective and immaterial labor that does not generate an end product. So how might we understand the economics of performance? What are the stages, platforms, and structures that support dance and other "live" performances? This conversation-and-cocktails event is an attempt to discuss the economics of home, of stages, and the unique place of the performing and precarious bodies that inhabit them.


Welcome to the Alternate Shelter!
7:30pm 0 (donation based bar included)
House warming and house sweating performances by Erin Markey, Jen Rosenblit, Greg Zuccolo

Wednesday, May 22 

Look at me Don't Look at me: the natural version
Workshop with Jen Rosenblit
Pre-register online at www.movementresearch.org
1- 3pm FREE


Meet at Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Park
2/3/4 to Grand Army Plaza or B/Q to 7 Ave


Look at me Don't Look at me: the natural version is a workshop on improvisation that deals directly with language, the felt, a questioning and widening of space. This gathering follows in my research and practice of improvisation, performativity and choreography, allowing for an agenda to build on itself among those who are present. Any score generated is located experientially. The culture of the workshop maintains a dedication to improvisation in all its glory; there is no goal of a thesis statement. There is no word limit. We can delete our mission statements. We don't have to get to the point. We will honor an interrogation of performance that understands the complexities of being looked at and all the desires and expectations that follow. Something to stand on. We will consider our bodies as institutions that generate a governing order.



An Evening at The Glass House
All events take place at Arts@Renaissance (part of St. Nicks Alliance) through AUNTS
2 Kingsland Avenue (at Maspeth Avenue)
L to Graham Ave


5 (full evening pass including food)


Collective on Collective
The Colectivo AM (Hunab Ku Mata Caro, Nuria Fragoso, Magdalena Leite, Leonor Maldonado) from Mexico meets NY-based Quartet Collective (Rachel Bernsen, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Melanie Maar and Taylor Ho Bynum). Artists sweat, talk and think together, addressing the idea of collectiveness as an alternate way of creating and relating, and as a creative shelter from the existing system of art presenting.


What time is it now? Food Time!
The art of foods, by Athena Kokoronis, to be looked at and tasted throughout the evening.


The Glass House
8pm-9:30pm Performances by Tenants in the Main Space
Tenants: Malin Arnell, Walter Dundervill, Mariana Valencia, Marya Wethers, Yackez


9:30pm Wander around and visit the Installation Rooms
Artists are assigned a room to make their own; a home, a world, a creative space to own through their design. Experience an installation of ideas happening throughout the evening.

Thursday, May 23


Both workshops take place in Prospect Park
Meet at Grand Army Plaza
2/3/4 to Grand Army Plaza or B/Q to 7 Ave
Pre-register for workshops online at www.movementresearch.org   


Park Dance, Nature Style
11am-1pm FREE
Workshop with Michelle Boulé
How can our park behaviors of rolling, frolicking, tree hugging, birdwatching, and sunbathing inspire and deepen our creative practices? Icy Spicy Leoncie says it best: "MAN! LET'S HAVE FUN." Let's use the park to lighten up and enlighten our movement investigations, going into the depths of serious play. An outdoor inspired warm-up will lead us to improvisation, watching, talking, spontaneously devised nature rituals, immediate composition, and performance for each other and anyone else who wants to watch. We'll take advantage of what the park has to offer to our senses and let this expand our sensibilities. With nature as our backdrop, classroom, communal body, support, and container, we'll see how deepening our ability to experience enhances our creative practices and vice versa.


Writing with Dance
1:30-3:30pm FREE
Facilitated by Cassie Peterson
Writing with Dancewill focus on the art of dance criticism and will be grounded in the details of body-based, live performance. How do we talk and write about dance? How do our experiences and conversations translate to the page? So much dance writing and criticism tries to convince us that the writer is operating from a neutral or expert position; and that a performance can be reduced or understood as one thing; and that as such, it has some kind of inherent value or non-value. Through this process of commodification, the work is reduced, reified, and objectified, whereby emphasis is rendered solely on product and not on process or method. In these two hours, we will discuss ways that we as writers can focus on an artist's process, as we learn to write "with" dance as opposed to writing "about" it. Bring in a piece of your own dance writing to share if you want, as we explore our various visions of dance writing and criticism.



Another Evening at The Glass House
All events take place at Arts@Renaissance (Part of St. Nicks Alliance) through AUNTS
2 Kingsland Avenue (at Maspeth Avenue)
L to Graham Ave.
5 (full evening pass including food)


You're invited to a special banquet produced by Athena Kokoronis in collaboration with choreographerSuiso Ogawa and performer Emma Quaytman.
In Blessings, Bodies gather around a table to sit together. The event invites you to open your mouth to taste; a meal and a dance will be served.


When you get a roommate, how much privacy do you need? How close do you want to be to that person? Is it possible to share the unique nature of living? In Roommates, paired artists spend a few hours privately in a studio in advance of the performance to design a situation in which they feel comfortable to share the same space and time of performance while they explore this unique possibility for collaboration. The experience is both private and public.  
Participating Pairs of Artists:
Benjamin Asriel / Justine Lynch
Marjani Forté / Tatyana Tenenbaum
K.J. Holmes / Ryutaro Mishima
Martín Lanz / Cori Olinghouse


The Glass House is Open!
Experience the installations and performances in each artist's created home and world. You're invited to stop by any room at any time! Your room tour will be accompanied by Kenta Nagai's music experiment.  
Installations and Performances by Malin Arnell, Walter Dundervill, Kenta Nagai, Mariana Valencia
Friday, May 24 

Body Sound
1:30-5:30pm 5
Pre-register online at www.movementresearch.org


Eden's Expressway
537 Broadway, 4th Floor (between Prince and Spring Streets)
N/R to Prince St. or B/D/F/M to Broadway-Lafayette St or 4/6 to Spring St  
Workshop with Samita Sinha and Kota Yamazaki
Sinha's vocal performance practice integrates raw utterance, speech, song, and raga (Indian tonal systems) with sensitivity to the body, and explores an elemental, primal way of sounding. Yamazaki's movement practice, which is grounded in butoh and Noguchi Gymnastics, examines how the flow of water in a body and the vibration of our own voice transforms into movements. The voice will be used to explore our internal movements and blocks, finding our individual balance between sounding and listening, being alone and relating to others, and connecting to the space around us in which stillness and movements coexist. This workshop is open to anyone with curiosity to explore their own voice and body. Workshop participants will perform at First Street Green on Saturday, May 25.


In My House
Co-Presented with Roulette
7:30pm 0
509 Atlantic Avenue
2/3/4/5 to Nevins St or 2/3/4/5/B/Q/D/N/R to Atlantic Av-Pacific St  
"When you feel sad and blue / You just come and see me anytime / I'll be waiting for you dear / And your fears you can leave behind / Here's the key to unlock the door to my house (to my house)"
(From In My House, lyrics by Mary Jane Girls)  
Performances by Larissa Velez-Jackson, Amber Bemak, Tess Dworman, Sam Kim  
Post-performance talk with the artistsmoderated by Katie Brewer Ball, joined by Molly Poerstel-Taylor and Jillian Peña.


Saturday, May 25 
Still Sounding, Still Standing
Noon-1pm FREE
Co-Facilitated with First Street Green at First Park
33 E 1st Street
F to 2nd Ave.


Open Practice and Performance led by Samita Sinha and Kota Yamazaki
Everyone is welcome to this outdoor open event in the park! This practice connects you to the inner and outer landscapes of your body by listening, sounding, standing and moving. A performance by the participants of "Body Sound" workshop will follow.



Burning Down The House
Co-Presented with Roulette
7:30pm 0
509 Atlantic Avenue
2/3/4/5 to Nevins St or 2/3/4/5/B/Q/D/N/R to Atlantic Av-Pacific St


"Hold tight wait till the party's over / Hold tight we're in for nasty weather / There has got to be a way / Burning down the house"
(Burning Down the House, lyrics by Talking Heads)


Performances by Molly Poerstel-Taylor, Luke George, Stanley Love, Jillian Peña
Arts@Renaissance (part of St. Nicks Alliance)
2 Kingsland Avenue (at Maspeth Avenue), Brooklyn
Eden's Expressway
537 Broadway, 4th Floor (between Prince and Spring Streets)
First Street Green at First Park
33 E 1st Street at 2nd Ave
The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn
Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park
2/3/4 to Grand Army Plaza or B/Q to 7 Ave
509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

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