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Nomad Contemporary Ballet


Ailey Studio Theater - 405 W55th St. New York


Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 8:00pm
Sunday, October 27, 2013 - 4:00pm



Nomad Contemporary Ballet

Upcoming Fall Performances: October 26 at 8pm and October 27 at 4pm

The Ailey Studio Theater, 405 W55th St.

Works by 4 choreographers:

INSECTA BRILLIANTE by Adrienne Hurd, CHROME WATERS by Annabella Gonzalez,

WIND SPIRITS by Kristen McGrew and BLEEDING LOVE BY Ursula Verduzco


Nomad Contemporary Ballet was founded in 2012 by Artistic Director Kristen McGrew. It is her mission to provide a vehicle for beginning and veteran choreographers to workshop new pieces. Audience members can discover and follow new talent from the beginning of their careers or watch an established artist create new work that pushes the boundaries of their current vocabulary. This year, over the past nine months, Nomad has hosted various workshops to showcase and provide opportunities for dancers to sample bits from the very pieces they created for Nomad. Some of the various choreographers that have workshopped and/or created for Nomad: Adrienne Hurd, Norbert De La Cruz III, Ursula Verduzco, Kristen McGrew, Janet Attalah, Alexei Augoudine and various others. This has brought quite a following of a variety of dancers, some classically trained with little or no contemporary training, to exclusively contemporary trained dancers who have taken an active interest to branch out and expand in a supportive and encouraging environment. This formula has made for a dynamic energy in the studio and developed some incredible dancers as a result. We invite you to see the fruits of our efforts and see for yourself what Nomad Contemporary Ballet has to offer our dance world.


NOMAD's official website: http://www.nomadcontemporaryballet.org

Links to more media:

   Video link: Excerpt from WIND SPIRITS, choreographed by Kristen McGrew. Filmed on location at Garvies State Park, Long Island City

   Video link: Excerpt from INSECTA BRILLIANTE, choreographed by Adrienne Hurd. Filmed on location at 5POINTZ Street Art Museum, Long Island City

   Video link: PAS DE JOEL Featuring Nomad dancer Joel Levy

   Video link: Choreographer and Princess Grace Award recipient Norbert De La Cruz III workshop with Nomad Dancers

   Nomad Contemporary Ballet Facebook page


 All videos and photos with the exception of PAS DE JOEL, NORBERT DE LA CRUZ III'S WORKSHOP and DANCE REHEARSAL REVIE were filmed/photographed by Melissa Bartucci: http://www.melissabartucci.smugmug.com

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