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Pavel Zustiak | Palissimo Company

Pavel Zustiak | Palissimo Company


Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 1:45pm

The Painted Bird complete trilogy will premiere in its entirety at the Wexner Center for the Arts September 12-16, 2012

Over the last two years I was working with a lineup of dancers, musicians and designers creating three evening length works that could stand alone but would be eventually presented as a cycle. The Painted Bird complete trilogy will premiere in its entirety at the Wexner Center for the Arts September 12-16, 2012. Manny Palad, thank you for designing a new teaser for the occasion!

Trilogy TeaserAnimation (c) Manny Pallad, Photos (c) Robert Flynt, Peter Snadik, David Kumerman, Paula Lobo.

Tickets for the premiere are on sale
with the following schedule:
Sept 12 at 7pm: Bastard – Amidst (Part I and II)
Sept 13 at 7pm: Amidst – Strange Cargo (Part II and III)
Sept 16 at 3:30pm: Bastard – Amidst – Strange Cargo (Part I, II, and III)

This is a massive undertaking artistically and logistically and our largest project to date in scale and budget. We still need to raise 5,000 to make this happen! Please invest into this project and this line up of artists to present the work the way we envisioned it. You can invest directly here or contact us for details at office@palissimo.com.

I am very excited and thankful to have been able to work with musicians Christian Frederickson, Ryan Rumery, Jason Noble, Tim Isler, dancers Jaro Vinarsky, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Nick Bruder, Jeremy Xido, Giulia Carotenuto, Denisa Musilova, Luke Murphy, Tiana Hemlock-Yensen longtime light designer collaborator Joe Levassuer, designers Robert Flynt, Nick Vaughn, Keith Skretch, Asta Hostetter and with managerial and administrative support of Elizabeth Moreau, AP Andrews and Melinda Lee. The Painted Bird was realized thanks to presenting and commissioning institutions Wexner Center for the Arts, La Mama, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Performance Space as well as Stanica Zariecie and Grotowski Institute.

Sadly, one of the collaborators on the list above, Jason Noble, is not with us anymore. He passed away on August 4th, 2012. Jason was a musician, artist, and filmmaker who performed in the bands Rodan, Rachel's and Shipping News. He also played in The Young Scamels and an electronic solo project called Per Mission. His music (with Rachel’s and other bands) has been featured in numerous film and television productions including Hancock, Any Given Sunday, Friday Nights Lights, The Art Of The Steal and the PBS documentary series POV. Jason has performed live concerts for the BBC, NPR “Weekend Edition” and WNYC’s “New Sounds” program. In 2009 he was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma (a rare cancer type), and received excellent care at MD Anderson in Houston. He died at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD as a result of complications while undergoing treatment in a clinical trial.

Jason was an integral part of the Painted Bird family. As a long-time collaborator with Christian Frederickson (22 years!), he played bass and guitar for Bastard, performed live for the BAC premiere of Amidst in 2011, and contributed samples and support for Strange Cargo. His talent, generosity, and spirit illuminated everything he did, and he will be sorely missed. We dedicate upcoming performances of The Painted Bird to him.

Wishing you wonderful rest of the summer,

Pavel Zuštiak, Artistic Director

thepaintedbird.org | palissimo.com | @palissimoco

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