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Performance Space 122's COIL 2013 Preview:

Performance Space 122's COIL 2013 Preview:


Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 8:55pm

Sacre & Niicugni


David Wampach / Association Achles
The Invisible Dog Art Center
Jan. 10-14

“Wampach is a new poet, and he may have been a great writer. However, he has chosen movement, not words, as his form of expression, and it is much to our delight. Wampach is probing the essence of life in his work. In creating SACRE he uses breath - short and deep - and the rhythm of breaking to inform his choreography. What is more essential than breath to create movement, to articulate with words or with the body?”
-Lucien Zayan, Director of The Invisible Dog Art Center

The 1913 premiere of Nijinsky’s The Rite of Spring caused a legendary scandal.Wampach’s pioneering SACRE radically re-imagines Nijinsky’s group choreography into a duet that's every bit as earthy, wild, and dissonant as the original.

Learn more about David & Association Achles HERE and WATCH a teaser for SACRE.

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Emily Johnson / Catalyst
Baryshnikov Arts Center
Jan. 9-12

"Emily Johnson's work is not simply dance. It is story telling, and place-making. Metaphorically and literally, her work flows off the stage - creating theatre that engages us all. This piece comes from a very specific place, but was created through a nation-wide multi-layered community engagement process - literally making the lamps which illuminate a cast of dancers, musicians and locals."
- Vallejo Gantner, Artistic Director

There is this idea of place holding everything—things that happened before, people that used to be here, everything that is happening right now, and everything that will happen. Niicugni is the word that directs us to pay attention, to listen. Niicugni is the dance of everyone who danced here before, including our ancestors, whose bones in the ground beneath us support our bones as we dance here now.

Learn MORE about Emily Johnson & Catalyst and WATCH video on the creation of Niicugni.

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