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Première of All Blues at the Baryshnikov Arts Center

Première of All Blues at the Baryshnikov Arts Center


Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC)


Baryshnikov Arts Center, 450 West 37th Street, NYC


Thursday, June 11, 2015 - 6:00pm
Friday, June 12, 2015 - 6:00pm



Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC)

We are pleased to announce the première of All Blues at the Baryshnikov Arts Center at 450 West 37th Street on June 11-12, 2015. All Blues is an evening-length colorist  performance created by Beau Rhee.  The piece expresses the  broad complexities of the  color blue through movement, music, set and costumes, and olfactive elements.

Rhee began her inquiry into the color blue in 2013. Blue as an infinite experience, as a fundamental way in which  we  experience the  world.  She  observed its transcendental potential: sacred or celestial, bold  or banal.  Working, courageous, depressed, elevated blue...

All Blues  is a living kinesthetic collage, a total  sensory  environment, comprised of all of these blues.  In rehearsals, movement was the primary language to drive expression. The choreography stems  from vernacular gestures that  link back  to the  color: a blues  guitarists’  moans, a workers repetitive motions, geometries on celestial maps. Arms create geometric motifs that  repeat and reinvent  themselves. Each performer brings their own universe of movement and sound, creating a jazz-like troupe, where  individual voices exchange in the score  and through improvisation. The costumes & sets,  as well as the  olfactive  elements, are  designed to further  express the  artistic themes in visual and sensory  media.

This rich assemblage of visual, aural  and  olfactive  elements is the eco-system of Atelier de Geste, a dance company and design studio. Beau  Rhee’s artistic  practice stems   from  the  notion that  our  daily rituals  of  living  and  choreographed  movement are  not  so  far  off from each  other. The act of putting on a shirt, or the  movement of a shimmy, or the spritz of a perfume, all go back to humans living. They are  movements that  can  be  studied through choreography, textile, and  so  on.  Rhee’s practice is influenced heavily  by  the  “colorists” Yves Klein and  Sonia Delaunay. Color and  living geometries as basic building blocks for her oeuvre. The tanz-theatre of Pina Bausch & the narrative  yet  abstract assemblage of Bill T Jones (under  whom  she apprenticed) informs her choreography. Her work has been shown at venues X-Initiative/DIA, Musée  d’art  et  d’histoire, Musée  Ariana,  la Maison Blanche  de le Corbusier, Kunsthaus  Baselland.

All Blues marks the first large-scale performance in New York City with her new company, Atelier de Geste. Please join us.




Dancers: Chantal Chadwick, Ella Misko, Kay Ottinger, Beau Rhee

Musicians: Jason Anastanoff, Lathan Hardy, Mara Mayer

Visual  Artists:  Emilie  Lundstrom & Alex  Wolkowicz/Cat  Lauigan  of  Cave Collective

Choreography/Artistic Direction/Design: Beau Rhee

Curator:  Katherine Chan



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“Atelier de  Geste is a unique place...where movement   forms the center   of  a  constellation of     aesthetic    practices and concerns including visual art, fashion, and fragrance.     Inspired     by the 20th century artist/ designer workshops of legendary   figures    such as Sonia Delaunay and Eileen   Gray,  founder Beau  Rhee   engages the modernist avant-garde ideal  of  “art as life” with a new  and fresh vision by connecting color, scent, and   objects  to   gesture and human  emotion.”

-Katherine Chan, art critic & director  at Miguel  Abreu  Gallery


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