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SANTA BARBARA, CA: MD Kelly Dances Presents "TURF"

SANTA BARBARA, CA: MD Kelly Dances Presents "TURF"


MD Kelly Dances


The Gail Towbes Center for Dance
2285 Las Positas Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Sunday, November 6, 2016 - 6:00pm



MD Kelly Dances


Expect to be moved, shifted, inspired, humored and uplifted!

Choreographers from these 3 great cities, known for being hotbeds of creativity, co-produce an up close and intimate studio showing at the The Gail Towbes Center for Dance in Santa Barbara, CA. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased HERE.

"An artist as one blade of grass, all alone, coping with the survival elements? Or, as a community with interwoven root systems, they have the potential to generate a powerful sense of turf. Turf because dancers are a fierce breed with courage, heart, poetry, and rich souls. As a dance maker, I liken them to wild horses. So, given it is my turn to lead in terms of community production, I wanted to use a metaphor that serves wild ponies well.” Turf tender Misa for the community. 

TURF is an outgrowth of a progressive arts community seeking sustainable ways to share their work with the world. The project builds on the base of Misa Kelly’s 20 years experience producing and co-producing locally, nationally, and internationally -- initially as the Artistic Director of SonneBlauma Danscz Theater, then as a collaborator and co-creator with ArtBark International and co-producer with the HIVE initiative.  It follows a streamlined cooperative model in which artists share production costs and tasks and receive a percentage of ticket sales. They co-produce with intention using a co-created value base and using principles of conscious leadership (conscious.is.) 

For digital photos, click HERE.

For more info on TURF, click HERE.

About TURF Artists:

Santa Barbara Artists: Mindy Nelson, E. Bonnie Lewis, Ken Gilbert, Misa Kelly, Stephen Kelly

New York Artists: Barbara Mahler, Trina Mannino

Los Angeles Artist: Nancy Evans Doede

The Creative Work

E. Bonnie Lewis and Ken Gilbert (DramaDogs – a Theater Company) will present a theatrical work drawing from the theme of Hamlet, in the short form.  

Misa Kelly (ArtBark Co-Founder, Misa Kelly Dances) will be sharing ??? – a physical theater work a part of her current dance meditation on What’s the Solution? 

Stephen Kelly (ArtBark Co-Founder) will be presenting a new work set on two local dancers, Nikki Pfeiffer and Nicole Powell. The dance will embody a juxtaposition of honed, demanding movement with spontaneous task-oriented challenges. 

Mindy Nelson will premiere a new modern dance solo carving through space with her bold, poetic, striking style of movement honed by a professional career in New York before returning to the area to start a family and settle down.

Barbara Mahler’s interest, her passion, “is the body – the limitless possibilities of the body as an expressive instrument, to carry a story, create an environment.” Her primary interest is in solo work and she will perform a work from her extensive repertoire.

Trina Mannino (ArtBarker) presents Ghost Duet, premiered at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn in May of 2016. Ghost Duet is a dance work about aging, tactility and how we experience touch at a distance through the lens of two artists who normally live 3,000 miles apart as they undulate and wiggle in and out of life-size colorful knitted bags. Artist/maker Ann Hamilton says: "In a time when successive generations of technology amplify human presence at distances for greater than the reach of the hand, what becomes the place and form of making at the scale and pace of the individual body?"

Nancy Evans Doede is generating a new work that plays with the idea of uneven surfaces.  

Photo above by James Van Leer.

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