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STooPS: Arts & Community Meet in Bed-Stuy

STooPS: Arts & Community Meet in Bed-Stuy


Monday, May 27, 2013 - 1:00am

Community-building event on June 23, 2013

STooPS is a community-building event to be held on June 23, 2013 where homeowners, artists, and businesses collaborate to bring the people of Bed-Stuy outside. Approximately 15 homeowners will allow local artists to share interactive music, dance, spoken word, and much more on their stoops. Participants will start the day at The Freebrook Mansion then Step Outside to engage with the amazing STooPS artists and each other. Throughout the day, guests will be welcome to return to Freebrook and other CooL Spots where local vendors, businesses, and organizations will offer additional activities as well as goods and services. Finally, the audience will return to Freebrook for a culminating performance featuring Brooklyn based artists, and then head to the official After Party at Simplicity Wine Bar & Cafe to continue to engage and support local businesses.

The Bed-Stuy community is ever changing, so it takes more effort for this community to remain cohesive. Getting to know neighbors enables the community to realize the resources that currently exist which makes room for sustainable and supportive partnerships to be built. These partnerships help the community to grow and develop from within rather than relying on outside resources. At the same time, building and maintaining this strong community also makes the neighborhood safer and more attractive which can open the way for outside attention and additional investments.

STooPS is just one way to engage, support, and develop the Bed-Stuy community, and as STooPS expands, the entire Brooklyn community grows stronger.


STooPS is looking for submissions from artists of all mediums and genres to present site specific work on various Bed-Stuy STooPS, yards, and sidewalks. Artists must be residents of or have some affiliation to Bed-Stuy.

All types of art are welcome including, but not limited to, dance, theater, music, spoken word, visual art, jewelry making, textile design, film/video, and hair design. We are especially looking for interactive work that focuses on community and supports community engagement. Performance pieces should be no more than 7 minutes.

For more information and to submit work, visit www.stoopsbedstuy.org/artist-submission-form.


STooPS is raising 000 for:
  • artists' fees
  • marketing materials (postcards, street signs, banners, etc.)
  • space rental at The Freebrook Mansion
  • AND photographer & videographer fees (to capture this magical event)
There are a variety of perks available to donors including the STooPS SightSeer Schedule, STooPS T-Shirts, private yoga and Pilates sessions, and a Bed-Stuy Body Bundle from STooPS founder & artistic director, Kendra Ross.

For more information including how to donate, visit www.indiegogo.com/projects/step-up-for-stoops.


STooPS will begin with an opening reception at The Freebrook Mansion where the community will be introduced to the event, it’s purpose, sponsoring businesses, staff, and the gracious homeowners. The audience will be encouraged to meet, mingle, and purchase goods and services from participating vendors. STooPS SightSeer Schedules listing all participating STooPS and performances will be available for purchase for 0. From Freebrook, community members will be sent on their way to witness art, enjoy the neighborhood, and get to know their community.

Artists will share site-specific showcases on various Bed-Stuy STooPS, sidewalks, and yards. Performance art and video pieces will be performed in looped cycles while visual artworks will be on display throughout the event. All artists will be available at their STooP between performances to discuss their work, get to know the community, and inspire community members to get to know each other.

At 5:00pm, the audience will be invited to return to Freebrook for the culminating performance featuring Brooklyn based artists such as Ase Dance Theatre Collective, Millicent Johnnie, and Afro Mosaic Soul Dance Collective. Following the performance, the audience will migrate to the official After Party at Simplicity Wine Bar & Cafe to continue community networking amongst artists, residents, and homeowners while supporting the local business sponsors.

For more information visit www.stoopsbedstuy.org.


Kendra Ross is a dancer, teaching artist, and community worker from Detroit, MI who now lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant. She was a dancer for Urban Bush Women and currently works for their B.O.L.D network where she co-teaches dance workshops, has been staff for their annual Summer Leadership Institute and co-facilitates community engagement workshops.  As a performer, Kendra has  traveled the world dancing for Urban Bush Women, DJ Kid Koala, MBDance, Monstah Black, and many more. (For more info please visit kendrajross.com) STooPS is Kendra’s creative brain child and she is thankful for those who have stepped up to help this child grow!!

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