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Summer 2020: Auditions for Dance & Music Students in Italy

Summer 2020: Auditions for Dance & Music Students in Italy


Toscana Dance HUB


Tisch School of the Arts
111 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003


Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 12:00pm



Toscana Dance HUB

Toscana Dance HUB 2020 is auditioning for dancers (ages 14-25) and musicians (18+) for its summer season in Italy. Auditioning for 3 programs:

Toscana Dance HUB: college dance program for dancers ages 18+ in Florence and Agropoli (July 7-25)

Music HUB: music program for dance accompanists for musicans ages 18+ in Florence (July 7-25)

Teen HUB: high school dance program for dancers ages 14-17 in Agropoli (July 20-25)

Audition on Sunday, October 20th @ 12:00-5:00pm at Tisch School of the Arts, 111 Second Ave, between 6th and 7th Street

Registration begins at 12:00pm, followed by ballet class, contemporary phrase work and personal interviews.

Please rsvp, send bio, dance picture and headshot at info@toscanadancehub.com

Toscana Dance HUB is a multi-layered platform serving as a training, performing, and producing entity led by a group of international art makers (dancers, choreographers, musicians, composers). It fosters artistic collaboration and an open dialogue focused on our responsibilities as members of the global community. Our students, the "hubbers", discover in Florence and Agropoli, a safe place for exploration, forge life-long friendships in the process, secure job opportunities, hone life and artistic skills, but most importantly, they re-evaluate their interpretation of physical and interpersonal distances. Toscana Dance HUB performs at the prestigious contemporary dance venue Agropoli Dance Festival, which it curates.

Founder and Artistsic Director: Giada Matteini Ferrone (Florence/NYC)

Music Director: Toni Costa (Barcelona)

Artists collaborators 2020: Nico Monaco (London/Lecce), Molissa Fenley (New York) and Piero Leccese (Agropoli)

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