Milteri Tucker Concepcion/Bombazo Dance Co., Photo: Javier Luis
 Milteri Tucker Concepcion/Bombazo Dance Co., Photo: Javier Luis
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Sundays on Broadway presents Oren Barnoy; Sarah Lifson; Melanie Maar

Sundays on Broadway presents Oren Barnoy; Sarah Lifson; Melanie Maar


Cathy Weis Projects




Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 6:00pm


Cathy Weis Projects

Sundays on Broadway welcomes newcomers Oren Barnoy, Sarah Lifson, and Melanie Maar in a shared evening of performance curated by Mina Nishimura.

Oren Barnoy creates his own version of a daily prayer through movement in this work titled with a symbol. A determined pulse feeds continuous action—vigorous and ecstatic—with the dancers engaged in an unrelenting ritual that pushes the room ever closer toward transcendence.

At once delicate and sensuous, brute and boisterous, Sarah Lifson’s new movement research considers the fashion trend of athleisure, and the new age fetishization of clothing that it has ignited. A continuation of her studies on the objectification and consumption of the performing body, Lifson’s new work contends with the gender and socioeconomic constructs that the trend upholds.

Melanie Maar’s new work indulges in relating to the sentiency in being, object, light, and space. Like a re-sensitizing practice to subtle erotic expressions of seemingly unsexy entities. Maar writes: “It is the feelingness I desire to relate to, to observe and to follow into the performative realm as part of the shared social space of Sundays on Broadway.”

537 Broadway, #3
All events begin at 6:00 pm – doors open at 5:45 pm.
No reservations. No late seating.
$10 suggested contribution.

Keep in mind, this is a small space! Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Please be advised: Due to repairs, the elevator will not be available this season. All audience members must use the stairs. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


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