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TORRANCE, CA: Ballet California's National Master Audition is Back and Better Than Ever (DEADLINE: NOV 1)

TORRANCE, CA: Ballet California's National Master Audition is Back and Better Than Ever (DEADLINE: NOV 1)


Ballet California


Lauridsen Ballet Centre
1261 Sartori Ave.
Torrance, CA


Wednesday, December 28, 2022 - 8:00pm daily through December 30, 2022



Ballet California

The National Master Audition is Back and Better Than Ever

Ballet California’s National Master Audition 2022 (to take place on December 28-30) includes both a professional division and summer intensive division, allowing dancers to be seen by directors of 10 major U.S. dance companies all at one audition

Torrance, CA; September 27, 2022 — Ballet California’s National Master Audition is back and better than ever before. Auditioning for employment as a dancer is not only exceedingly difficult, but also expensive; the National Master Audition serves as a beacon of hope for those wishing to further their dance careers without needing to spend thousands of dollars on an audition tour one city at a time.

Looking to join the ranks of professional dance companies is already challenging in itself for a number of reasons, but with the burden of having to fork out thousands of dollars to travel from one audition to another in various cities and states, auditioning for a professional contract is for many, a daunting prospect. The beauty of the National Master Audition lies in the fact that dancers are offered the superb opportunity to audition for several companies, all at one sunny California location; Lauridsen Ballet Center, located at 1261 Sartori Ave, Torrance, CA 90501.

The first ever National Master Audition took place in December of 2021, and the audition has since expanded from holding directors of 9 major US dance companies to 10. The National Master Audition ‘22 features directors from the following companies: Ballet Austin, Ballet Idaho, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Columbia City Ballet, Contemporary West Dance Theatre, Grand Rapids Ballet, Louisville Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Minnesota Ballet, and Orlando Ballet.

The event was an enormous success last year in that many dancers were extended contracts from participating companies. Even those who weren’t extended contracts benefitted from the experience of partaking in modern and ballet classes taught by highly-renowned directors and instructors.

The 2022 National Master Audition seeks to expand its mission in providing a platform for dancers to be seen by directors of many companies all at one go. As such, in addition to the National Master Audition’s Professional Division (in which dancers may audition for employment), the 2022 audition will also include the National Master Summer Intensive Audition, for young dancers aged 15-17, on December 29th at 3 PM. The National Master Summer Intensive Audition will include the directors of 6 premier US dance companies (Atlanta Ballet, Ballet 5:8, Ballet Idaho, Contemporary West Dance Theatre, Louisville Ballet, and Milwaukee Ballet), and will allow dancers to audition for the 6 summer intensives hosted by these companies all at one audition.

Dancers and company directors alike can all attest to the unparalleled opportunity offered by the National Master Audition. Charmaine Hunter, Director of Community Enrichment with the Orlando Ballet, is a former principal dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem, resident dance supervisor with the Disney musical The Lion King, and casting coach with Cirque du Soleil. With expansive experience in the realm of dance, Hunter feels that the National Master Audition provides a unique platform for dancers seeking to take the next steps in their careers:

“Normally dancers have to fly here, fly there, fly all over, and right now with this pandemic, flights are more expensive, gasoline is more expensive, and the prices of everything are really inflated. Dancers don’t make a lot of money. So if you fly every weekend to find an audition, where are you going to get those funds to find a job? This way, the directors meet the dancers halfway by coming together over a weekend, so it’s as though that dancer is auditioning for 9 different companies in one weekend. That’s the advantage of this audition and I think it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Ballet California will offer this wonderful advantage to dancers all around the world in the National Master Audition 2022, on December 28-30. Applications are due on November 1st, 2022. Space is very limited, so sign up fast; you won’t want to miss your chance to take the next big leap in your dance career. For more information, please visit Ballet California’s website, or contact Diane Lauridsen at 310-963-1247 or directors@BalletCalifornia.org.


Pictured: Dancers participating in Ballet California’s 2021 National Master Audition took ballet and modern classes from a variety of well-renowned directors and instructors.

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