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Take Root Presents: Ramona Sekulovic & Inclined Dance Project

Take Root Presents: Ramona Sekulovic & Inclined Dance Project


Ramona Sekulovic & Inclined Dance Project


Green Space
37-24 24th Street, Suite 211
New York, NY, NY 11101


Friday, November 30, 2018 - 8:00pm
Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 8:00pm



Ramona Sekulovic & Inclined Dance Project

TAKE ROOT, now in its 10th season, nurtures dance artists at established stages in their careers, pairing them in a split bill or full evening-length program. This monthly series supports dance makers’ experimentation and growth by providing our venue, Green Space, along with full technical and marketing support to present their work to the NYC public.

Advance sale tickets: $17 online at www.GreenSpaceStudio.org
Tickets purchased at door: $20 cash, $22 credit card

About the Work
Ramona Sekulovic's choreographic practice incorporates the experience, sensation, and perception of her own body as well as its individual anatomical aesthetics into choreographic practice. Her work is rooted in accepting her personal dancing body as a research ground. Allowing herself to investigate the aesthetics of her own body in movement has led to a new dance work called Composites. Composites is a series of four dance etudes, choreographed and performed by Ramona Sekulovic to music by Philip Glass, framed by personal voiceovers addressing themes of presence and choreographic processes. Inspired by Glass’ music that he wrote for solo piano as a means to explore and improve his personal piano play, Ramona set out to improve the range of expression of her own instrument by focusing on the specific aesthetic her body produces in movement while being supported and dependent on its physical build. Her fascination with personal aesthetics guided her to new and dicey strategies in choreography, such as developing a 6-minute section that stays in one spot. The movement material of Composites is abstract, and yet emotional and physical. The movement material spans a wide range of frequencies, amplitudes, and spatial directions, as well as movement qualities. Composites is in part made possible through access to the Mark Morris Dance Group’s Subsidized Rehearsal Space Program.

As Inclined Dance Project approaches its 10-year anniversary, the company reflects on past moments, pieces, and people with their newest work Memoir.  Drawing material from Inclined's cumulative repertoire and the performer's dance histories, Memoir explores how the past defines the present and predicts the future. As we examine our past selves we learn to embrace our nostalgia, memories, and experiences to celebrate our decisions and trajectory in the game called life. Memoir is depicted through a series of semi-linked memory flashbacks, exploring different moments in time through physical and emotional landscapes. The work is choreographed by Kristen Klein and performed by Amy Campbell, Maria Gardner, Shannon McGee, Jillian Pajer, and Elisabeth Wolf. Music by Between Interval, Murcof, Senking, The Books, Johnny Woodson, The Brambles, Peder Mannerfelt, & Petit Biscuit.

Photo credits: Dusan Sekulovic (Ramona Sekulovic) // Louise Palmberg (Inclined Dance Project)

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