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The 8th Annual Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts

The 8th Annual Comedy in Dance Festival at Triskelion Arts


Triskelion Arts


Triskelion Arts’ Muriel Schulman Theater
Brooklyn, NY


Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 8:00pm daily through March 26, 2017



Triskelion Arts

Triskelion Arts is pleased to present the 8th Annual Comedy in Dance Festival this March, and believes whole-heartedly in the power of funny. The Comedy in Dance Festival presents a fantastic collection of curated, movement-based work that tickles an adult audience's collective funny bone.


Thursday, March 23: Hannah Garner's 2nd Best Dance Company, Westy Films, There's No Law, ELSCO Dance, Maddie Naylor, The Little Streams

Friday, March 24: Sean Thomas Boyt, Jeff and Buttons, ingercooper|dancers, Nicoll+Oreck Dance Theater, "Natasha Donatello" aka Ri Lindegren, Kathleen Helm & Dancers

Saturday, March 25: The Raving Jaynes, Westy Films, Billy Cohen, The Little Streams, Demi Remick, Allegra Romita, Nicoll+Oreck Dance Theater

Sunday, March 26: Erika Boudreau-Barbee, Dan Danger, Fooju Dance Collaborative, ChristinaNoel & The Creature, Omer Ephron&Nicole Fuentes, Demi Remick, Jeff and Buttons



Philadelphia-based choreographer, Sean Thomas Boyt, presents Interrobang (look it up) with NYC-based dancers Katie Skinner and Taylor Gillhouse. Featuring an evolving relationship between teammates, rivals, friends, and enemies, this duet plays with the nuances of spelling, punctuation, and grammar with passages by author Lynne Truss.

Demi Remick presents and performs a fast-paced solo exploring human nature by examining the absurdity of pop culture. A Suite for Bo, is set to a medley of songs by the musical comedian, Bo Burnham.

Kathleen Helm & Dancers address sport as the ultimate dramatic display for the masses in Romp Show. The work is organized into a modern-day vaudeville show, featuring episodes of reputation, rivalry, aggression, and egotism. This loud satire is a turbulent work that progresses from light-hearted entertainment to dark exploitation, ultimately drawn from the value our culture places upon winning an arbitrary competition.

From our heroine’s beating her head against a wall to prove that she is A-OK to her final realization that no one actually gives a damn, 2nd Best Dance Company’s But don’t think me careless comically displays the psychological distress of life as a socialized human.

Caught in the age-old conflict of Man vs. Lyrics, Dan Danger gives his all in a lyrical dance for his chance to win the tri-county dance competition.

In the solo work, I'm not done yet., performed and choreographed by Maddie Naylor, Maddie looks at the constant practice of performance in relation to our human experience. Through movement, text and music, she explores the repetition, risks, heartbreaks, victories, and the sometimes-authentic mess we leave behind in the process.

In The Trouble with Thuribles, Nicoll+Oreck Dance Theater presents a clerical ritual that morphs into an unfolding dance of seduction. Gregorian chants and thuribles swirl in and out of sync as the dancers veer between being pious and lewd, grounded and untethered, powerful and weak. Groping for higher meaning, they find only themselves. What goes on under those robes? In this human comedy, the fundamental rules apply.

ingercooper|dancers takes a new approach to dream studies by investigating the many layers of anxiety experienced in the subconscious mind and highlighting the obscurity and absurdity within these daily stresses. The company brings these ridiculous apprehensions to light in a series of short, dream-like vignettes entitled g-train… because what seems minuscule and ludicrous manages to control our lives.

Drawing inspiration from the seen/unseen side of pop culture, the millennial trend of “ghosting,” Prince, and Sia, Ghostdusters is channeled through hot-pink-romper-wearing, 80’s-oblivion-embracing Natasha Rompatello (aka Ri Lindegren). Natasha’s “ghosting” fury is fueled by the silence of her digital friends and lovers as she attempts to control her social media image and send a message back to her ghosts with direct media action – the power of the Vlog.

In yours truly, There’s No Law continues its adventures in deeply embodied, improvisational world-making. Every encounter is an unscripted romp through the sublime and ridiculous humanity of moving and voiced bodies in space. yours truly explores the kernels of tragedy in hilarity and the traces of humor in the belly of catastrophe as they emerge in each unrepeatable moment.

Omer Ephron & Nicole Fuentes premiere a comical duet full of emotions and passion, expressing the willingness of supporting one another in our society. Based on partnering work and theatrical aspects, they present a simple path of calm choices.

ELSCO Dance performs Pas De Don't, a ballet-inspired duet that looks at the ridiculous storytelling of the classical ballet pas de deux from Romeo and Juliet.

Erika Boudreau-Barbee in collaboration with Benjamin Freedman premieres Seriously, again, a lackadaisical modern duet set to The Marvelettes’ “Mr. Postman” and “Darling Forever” and The Champs’ “Lollipop”. Seriously, again is part two of the evening-length work, Seriously, which premiered in 2013 on the Second Avenue Dance Company in New York City.

Jeff and Buttons take on genres and new modes of theater like it's their job, and they fail spectacularly every time. What better time to attempt dance than at the Comedy in Dance Festival!?

Forgetting to Remember (choreographed by Allegra Romita in collaboration with her dancers) is a piece about remembering... and forgetting. It digs deeper into the human trait of forgetfulness and the process we go through in our bodies and minds to remember.

Choreographed by Adam Robert Dickerson, Fooju Dance Collaborative premieres Ex0rcise, a shy lullaby that grapples with the restriction of pants. Once the pants come off, it’s a dance of liberation.

Westy Films asks, What happens when life overwhelms us? We take a dance break. Holistic wellness comes for every spirit and every body, no matter how out of condition it may be, in the form of physical expression.

The Raving Jaynes combine dance and theatrical improvisation to create highly physical, spontaneous pieces of dance/theater. Movement and text are woven together to transform what waits in the empty space into sweaty stories. Amazing improviser and violist, Richard Kim, brings music to the mix. It’s improv with more sweat!

The Little Streams put forth their jaunt through a world of back-up dancing, flash, glamour and the never-ending search for a perfect front-person. Don't be blinded by all the glitz. Do be dazzled. Featuring live music by Doug Barber and high kicks by The Little Streams.

Through surprise and tragedy, ChristinaNoel & The Creature premieres an excerpt from a new work that utilizes dance and music to take you on a journey of humor, both joyous and dark, as they look at our world with curiosity and brutal honesty. 

Billy Cohen’s It’s Not About the Curves features a man walking home from work, when he stumbles upon a box.... and immediately falls in love! This solo, previously premiered at Hofstra University, answers the age-old question: what happens when a person falls in love with an inanimate object?


[Kathleen Helm & Dancers in Romp Show, 2014 PC: Gregory RR Crosby]

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