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The Alchemical Studios

The Alchemical Studios


The Alchemical Studios


The Alchemical Studios
New York, NY


Friday, August 19, 2016 - 8:00pm daily through December 31, 2017



The Alchemical Studios

About The Alchemical Studios:

The Alchemical spaces are beautiful, clean, well lit, and private.
We strive to provide a premium concentrated atmosphere for your creative work.
We understand. Your work and your rehearsal time are important.
We are proud to run a rehearsal space which is respectful and attentive to the artists who work here.

  • Rehearsal, class, and audition rates start at $25 per hour – except the The Lab (900 sq. ft.) and the Studio A Theatre (920 sq. ft.) at $40 per hour
  • Photo shoot rates start at $35 per hour – Video shoots from $40 per hour 
  • Readings and small public gatherings from $250 per night
  • Performances with lights and sound in the The Lab or Studio A Theatre from $500 per night

Please call us for readings or other specific rental costs.

Extra tables, music stands, boom box, mirrors, clothes racks and V-flats/C-stands are available at no additional cost. 

Please request these amenities when booking. 

All studios are comfortably air conditioned or heated, as the season requires.


We look forward to seeing you!

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