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The Ecstatic Unknown: a workshop for performance-makers

The Ecstatic Unknown: a workshop for performance-makers


Buran Theatre


Various spaces - natural and constructed - throughout the boroughs
319 Lafayette Street, #120
New York, NY 10012


Sunday, April 22, 2018 - 1:30pm



Buran Theatre

Through immersion in various environments - both natural and constructed - this multi-session workshop will bring participants into a meditative space toward the creation of a new performance. Delighting in the murky waters of the unknown, the workshop will be infused with creative explorations and collective musings as participants develop a new work using formal constraints to ignite the creative process. 

Eschewing the traditionally ego-centric propulsion of writing, the workshop will gently nudge toward a communal recognition of performance-making - constructed as a gift for others + the earth, not for the writer/generator. The workshop will invite participants to imagine/dream/collectively organize principles toward removing hierarchy from the creative process and binaries from storytelling, discover a more healing and performative space for narratives, and cultivate performance as a gift. The question posed throughout the workshop will be: what are the stories that haven't been told, that you haven't seen, that must be told? 

Alternating between the architecture of nature and constructed spaces, participants will be provided the opportunity to reorient their relationship to habits, rituals and processes. Each week, for three weeks, the workshop will traverse the perimeters of the city – from the Jamaica Bay Wild Life Preserve, to Inwood Hill Park, to Van Cortlandt Park – allowing for a physical and mental retreat; each week these excursions will be followed by a reflective workshop period in three different working art spaces. This workshop is open to everyone, regardless of their practice or experience.

Facilitated by Adam R. Burnett
E-mail adambobburnett@gmail.com to inquire 


$50-$150 (pay what you can/want) - payment plan available
Open to 8 participants maximum 

Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day): Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge (Queens); 1:30-4:30pm
Monday, April 23: Spaceworks LIC (Queens); 7-9:30pm
Sunday, April 29: Inwood Hill Park (Manhattan); 3-6pm
Monday, April 30: Vital Joint (Brooklyn), 7-9:30pm
Sunday, May 6: Van Cortlandt Park (Bronx); 3-6pm
Monday. May 7: A.R.T./NY South Oxford Space (Brooklyn), 8-10PM

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