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The Equus Projects are hiring Male & Female dancers for Spring/Summer 2022

The Equus Projects are hiring Male & Female dancers for Spring/Summer 2022


The Equus Project


New York


Thursday, February 3, 2022 - 4:30pm weekly through February 24, 2022



The Equus Project

The Equus Projects are hiring Male and Female dancers for upcoming performances and projects for Spring/Summer 2022. All dancers are welcome to apply. Please note that our work is in collaboration with Equines and experience working with horses is prefered.  The best way to familiarize with JoAnna's work is to participate in some of our virtual workshops. One full-scholarship available.

Workshop Title: Dance Differently - A Virtual Workshop for Advanced Movers and Creators
When: Thursdays from 4:30-6:40pm (EST). Begins February 3rd. 8 weeks long. Drops-ins accepted
For Whom: Geared towards more advanced movers
By Whom: JoAnna Mendl Shaw (NYC) & Audrey Rachelle (Seattle, WA (audreyrachelle123) with LIVE Musician Stewart Singer (Albuquerque, NM)
About: Audrey began co-exploring with Shaw six years ago, in weekly Equus Projects research sessions. Moving from an interspecies perspective the Equus Projects company devised countless improvisations scores, choreographic strategies and a somatic practice informed by working with equines. The workshops, aptly named Dance Differently, became an ideal way for dancers to audition for the Equus company. Workshops focused on heightened the Physical Listening skills and real-time decision-making, internal rule structures and developing dynamic choreographic trajectories. Each class yielded small choreographic gems.
Register: Please email joannamendlshaw@gmail.com

If your schedule is available to attend all eight sessions please note that to JoAnna when reaching out as she is looking to give one full scholarship to one dancer who can commit to all eight workshop sessions :)

Please follow our Instagram page @equus_projects_nyc and our documentary IG @imprintedthefilm.


We also have weekly Physical Listening LABS for curious thinkers on Mondays from 12 - 2PM EST. This class is accessible to person(s) with mobile disabilities. A truly unique BODY-BRAIN PLAYGROUND for: Actors, Dancers, Educators, Equestrians, Corporate Leadership Trainers, Therapists, Writers, Improvisers, Choreographers.

To stay up to date with the most recent scheduling please follow us on our Facebook course page.

We can’t wait to connect with you.

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