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The Hive: New York

The Hive: New York


ArtBark International & Guests


The Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer St.; Enter on Banker St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Sunday, May 29, 2016 - 4:00pm



ArtBark International & Guests

The nomadic multi-generational arts collective ArtBark International -- last seen at Slovenia’s premiere opera house The Cankarjev Dom -- joins New York based artists Kristin Hatleberg, Garnet Henderson and Sarah Lass in a shared program of contemporary dance works “The Hive: New York” on May 29, 2016 at 4:00PM at The Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts (106 Calyer St., Brooklyn, NY 11222; Enter on Banker St.) Tickets are $16 and can be purchased online at theopenhive.com.

The Hive is a progressive arts community seeking sustainable ways to share their work with the world. Conceived in 2014 by a group of artists in Santa Barbara, CA, the Hive follows a cooperative model in which artists share production costs and tasks and receive a percentage of ticket sales. “We're thrilled to share the spirit of the Hive with vibrant, young, aspiring New York creatives. We love being the change and embrace a shift in paradigm away from competitive models to working collaboratively and co-creatively using principles of conscious leadership to be a part of easing the burden of presenting work independently,” says Misa and Stephen Kelly, Co-Founders of ArtBark International. 

About the Hive: New York Program:

Kristin Hatleberg’s Kolo is a visceral exploration of contrifugal and centripetal force. A cycling of constant motion, this solo plays with the moments of acceleration and the pressures that create rotation. 

Garnet Henderson’s The bird has more friends than me is a dance of social posturing. It features a cast of three women and asks: what assumptions do we make when we see women interact with one another? 

Sarah Lass’ You Will Surely Come explores the questions: is it possible to exist freely and fiercely in this kind of limiting, pre-determined experience despite our confinement and a lack of ability or power to change our situation? Might we be able to transcend such a circumstance even as we are beholden to it?

Misa Kelly (ArtBark Co-Founder) will be sharing excerpts from a developing evening length work. It began conceptually in Slovenia 2015 in response to collaborator Mojca Majcen's observation of disturbing world events. She set the intention to use the question "what's the solution?” as a point of departure for exploration.  

Stephen Kelly (ArtBark Co-Founder) is the director of Highly Unlikely, which draws upon the difference between a dancer exactly replicating the movement of another and the uniqueness arising from body type and style.  Also influencing the creation is awareness of our innate inability to viscerally relate to highly unlikely events.

Trina Mannino (ArtBarker) investigates what details in a dance have the potential to be lost and what can emerge through a long distance collaboration in The Aging Distance Body Project. Original music by Stephen Kelly and designs by Misa Kelly. 


Kristin Hatleberg's interest in thinking through action has often led her to work in cross-genre collaborations. She actively dances, choreographs, directs, and teaches in the NYC area and maintains a private Pilates practice in the Hudson Valley. Kristin's work has been shown throughout the United States, in Canada, and in the Netherlands. She holds a BFA in dance from Rutgers University and studied dance improvisation under Katie Duck as well as at Toronto Dance Theater. Kristin also holds a Pilates certification from The Kane School of Core Integration and is a member of the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association. To learn more about Kristin's work, visit www.kristinhatleberg.com.

Garnet Henderson grew up dancing in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and graduated cum laude from Columbia University in 2013. There she danced in works by Ori Flomin, Kyle Abraham, David Parker, Larry Keigwin, Reggie Wilson, Colleen Thomas, Heidi Henderson, and Faye Driscoll through the Barnard College Department of Dance. Since then she has worked with Mark Dendy, Julie Cunningham, and Jordan Morley. Garnet's choreographic work has been presented in Paris, France, as well as in New York at the West End Theater, the 92nd Street Y, Triskelion Arts, and Gibney Dance. She is also a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, VICE, Dance Magazine, and other publications. http://garnethenderson.com/

Misa Kelly is an award winning, multi-disciplinary artist whose choreography, visual, performance and installation art has been exhibited across the USA and Europe. Passionate about community building her innovative program designs and organizational efforts have helped over 1,000 artists over the past 20 years. As an indie author she publishes under the pen name Ginger Freedom and her visual art is shown under the auspices of Dylan & Friends.  www.multifacetedmisa.org

Stephen Kelly is a classically trained pianist who has performed solo concerts in France, Spain, and Costa Rica, as well as across the United States.  As a choreographer, in addition to setting work on ArtBark, he has been privileged to work with some of the finest professional dancers from the Colorado Ballet, State Street Ballet, and Santa Barbara Dance Theater.

Sarah Lass, originally from Denver, Colorado, graduated summa cum laude​ and Phi Beta Kappa​ from Kenyon College in 2013 before relocating to New York where she now enjoys dancing and gallivanting about the city and surrounding boroughs. As a freelance ​artist she has ​appeared in works by Dante Brown Warehouse Dance, Donnell Oakley, Double-Edge Dance, ​Shannon Gillen, Tania Isaac, Krissy & The Works, ​and Juliana Garber​. She​ is ​currently performing with ​The Folklorists​, Chocolate Dances, and in her own work. Sarah is interested in the intersection of physiology, ​improvisational ​dance makin​g​ ​and ​performance, and philosophy, and will be pursuing her MFA in Dance at Smith College in the fall.​ ​

Trina Mannino has performed with Anabella Lenzu’s Dance/Drama, ArtBark International, Barbara Mahler, Dance Elixir and Laura Peterson Choreography. She presently studies with Barbara Mahler and Janet Panetta. Her performance in ArtBark’s Alma.Alone was described as “subtle, intellectual and sophisticated” in the Slovenian publication Parada Plesa. In addition to performing, Trina works as a writer for Dance Europe Magazine and The Dance Enthusiast. trinamannino.com


Acclaimed as “forward thinking artists” by the Santa Barbara Independent, ArtBark International, builds on the travel, visual art and performance experiences of award winning California-based founders Misa and Stephen Kelly and their collaborators around the globe. Their present activities embrace innovative ways of organizing that serve to shift the paradigm of how professional artists come together and grow as they work across the United States and the Atlantic through the Internet, performances and residencies. They are committed to staying abreast of how the field is evolving by inviting artists to participate in the organization's ADaPT Festival Series and Affinity Project in New York and California. ArtBark International’s work has been performed at AFL Kultur Merzkezi in Istanbul, ARC Pasadena in California, The Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana, Center for Performance Research in New York, contraMASS Galerie and Palais Kabelwerk in Vienna, and studio Le Regard du Cygne in Paris, among others. Most recently, the collective premiered the evening length work Alma.Sama, described as “perfect poetry,” in Ljubljana, Slovenia and produced by the Cankarev Dom. artbark.org


Photo Credits (Clockwise): Sarah Lass, Photo: Scott Shaw; Misa & Stephen Kelly; Garnet Henderson & Dancers, Photo: Nicholas Burnham; Misa Kelly, Photo: Nancy Evans; Kristin Hatleberg, Photo: Quinn Batson; Trina Mannino, Photo: Alison Domzalski

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