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The Irondale Center Announces

The Irondale Center Announces


Saturday, December 15, 2012 - 9:00am

FLICfest 2013 Performance Schedule

The Irondale Center Announces

FLICfest 2013 Performance Schedule

January 24–February 2, 2013



New York, NY, December 13, 2012 – The Irondale Center is pleased to announce the performance schedule for FLICfest’s third season, January 24–26 and January 31–February 2, 2013. Founded and curated by Jeramy Zimmerman, FLICfest offers artists and audiences an opportunity to engage with feature-length dance in a lively festival setting. FLICfest 2013 will present twelve full-length works by 14 choreographers (two works each evening) as well as a late-night cabaret. All performances will be held at The Irondale Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


“Each year that we are at Irondale, our ties to our Brooklyn neighbors are strengthened. This year, I am excited that we are under the banner of the Irondale season, ensuring that FLICfest will continue as a resource for the Brooklyn dance community,” said Ms. Zimmerman. This season, FLICfest is pleased to introduce its Featured Brooklyn Dance-Maker program. Choreographer Alexandra Beller has been selected to be the first featured artist for her expertise in self-producing work. Beller will lead a panel discussion that focuses on self-producing performance and creating feature-length work on January 31 at 6:30pm.


The performance schedule is outlined below with descriptions of each full-length piece to follow. The late-night cabaret series, led by artist-curators Faux Pas (aka R. Davidson), Jordan Rosen, and Luke Miller, will begin at 10:30pm each night. The lineup for the late-night cabaret will be announced on the festival website in early January.


Performance Schedule

January 24–26, 2013: 7:30pm and 9:00pm

·   Thursday, January 24: Jillian Sweeney at 7:30pm, Summation Dance Company at 9:00pm

·   Friday, January 25: Chris Masters at 7:30pm, Yin Yue Dance at 9:00pm

·   Saturday, January 26: Amy Cova at 7:30pm, Jordana Che Toback at 9:00pm


January 31–February 2, 2013: 7:30pm and 9:00pm

·   Thursday, January 31: Austin Selden & Sarah Konner at 7:30pm, Maurice Fraga at 9:00pm

·   Friday, February 1: Dana Salisbury & Mari Meade Dance Collective at 7:30pm, Sari Nordman at 9:00pm

·   Saturday, February 2: Alexandra Beller at 7:30pm, Stanley Love at 9:00pm


Tickets are 5/night, 0 for artists, students, and seniors (includes both of the evening’s main stage shows as well as the late-night cabaret). Cabaret-only admission is (suggested donation at door). Tickets may be purchased through Irondale’s box office at 718-488-9233 or online at http://irondale.org/flicfest.html. The Irondale Center is located at 85 South Oxford Street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.


FLICfest Performance Schedule

Thursday, January 24

7:30pm: Jillian Sweeney / Vulture-Wally (World Premiere)

Vulture-Wally uses dance, spoken word, song, and dialog to create a long-form poem about who owns our bodies and who authors our stories. Based on the 19th-century Austrian folk novel Geier-Wally, the work dissects the melodramatic hero(ine) by examining individual body parts and setting the movement to deconstructed classic film scores. Vulture-Wally is co-written by Jillian Sweeney and Jeffrey Cranor, with choreography by Sweeney and direction by Cranor. Performers include Siobhan Burke, Lydia Chrisman, Tara Willis, and Sweeney, among others.


9:00pm: Summation Dance Company / Deep End (2012)

Deep End draws a metaphor between New York City and a fishbowl to explore ideas of confinement, self-awareness, and cohabitation from the female perspective. Driven by the insatiable quest to achieve, inhabitants of this world are subjected to an environment constantly in flux. Choreography is by Sumi Clements. The cast includes Kelsey Berry, Sumi Clements, Angela Curotto, Cat De Angelis, Allie Lochary, Julie McMillan, Kristin Schwab, Megan Thornburg, and Taryn Vander Hoop. Deep End features an original composition by Kyle Olson, costumes by Brigitte Vosse, and lighting design by Simon Cleveland.


Friday, January 25

7:30pm: Chris Masters / the ghost of my legs (World Premiere)

the ghost of my legs investigates how relationships, whether familial, or intimate, or professional, leave a lasting impression on the historical body. Originally created as an installation, the quartet loops and reframes material, and examines the remnants of past relationships, the expectations we hold, and the principles that govern our decisions. the ghost of my legs is performed by Shaina Branfman, Steven Trumon Gray, Jordan Holland, and Kate Vincek.


9:00pm: Yin Yue Dance / Within Reach (New York Premiere)

Within Reach focuses on revealing forces of reaction and manipulation and the consequences of action and choice. Through gesture and highly structured choreography, it questions the role of the conscious mind in the choices we make. Within Reach is performed by Daniel Oliver Howerton, Sarah Parker, Grace Whitworth, and Yin Yue.


Saturday, January 26

7:30pm: Amy Cova / Spinal Streets and a Straw (World Premiere)

Spinal Streets and a Straw is inspired by the social and cultural climate surrounding the Detroit resistance riots of 1967. Created in three distinct sections, the piece addresses the industrial revolution in Detroit, the riots, and hope for the city now and in the future. Spinal Streets and a Straw is performed by Jessica Jolly, Sarah Konner, Allegra Romita, Tara Sheena, Sophie Torok, and Nadia Tykulsker. Composer/musician Alvin Hill performs an original soundscore live.


9:00pm: Jordana Che Toback / Crush The Pearl (2011)

Crush The Pearl is an ensemble piece that visually interprets the songbook of Radiohead and Thom Yorke. Athletic and sensual, the work borrows choreographic structures from both commercial and classical modern dance, as seen through Toback's urban rock and roll filter, and has at its core a rich, emotional heart beat. The piece is performed by Dorian Cervantes, Courtney Jo Drasner, Christina Johnson, Gabriel Malo, Tsubasa Ogawa, Julie Smith, and Vanessa Walters. Costumes are by Elisa Jimenez and Joy Havens.


Thursday, January 31

7:30pm: Austin Selden & Sarah Konner / A Monologue Dedicated to Dexter (World Premiere)

A Monologue Dedicated to Dexter is a dance theater duet created and performed by Sarah Konner and Austin Selden. With their bodies and voices, the two weave an imaginary world of story-telling and metaphor that exposes their fears and the tenderness that connects them. Konner and Selden deal with fear, death, and sex with seriousness and humor.


9:00pm: Maurice Fraga/Ekilibre Dance Company / Sí...así  (U.S. Premiere)

Sí...así is a work for ten dancers with original music, costumes, and set design by Maurice Fraga. An investigation of untainted love and passion, the work asks “Is it possible to return to the first time we fell in love? Can we return to a time or place where what we smelled, felt, and touched ignited such intense passion and love inside of us that it surpassed the physical beauty of the person before us?” Sí...así was created with the National Dance Company of El Salvador during a choreographic residency in summer 2012 and had its world premiere at the National Theater in San Salvador.


Friday, February 1

7:30pm: Dana Salisbury & Mari Meade Dance Collective / What we were handed (World Premiere)

Inspired by the songlines or dreaming tracks of indigenous Australians, What we were handed combines aspects of Salisbury’s “unseen” dances with Mari Meade Dance Collective’s “seen” dances. At first audience members are blindfolded. Pathways emerge out of formless space, perceived through sound, smell, touch, temperature, air currents, and vibration. Once geographies are established, blindfolds come off and viewers see the dance, a shift that expands on and muddies the clarity of their original perceptions. What we were handed is created and performed by Sage Caprice Abowitt, Allison Beler, Breanna Gribble, Sean Hatch, Mari Meade Montoya, Rachel Rizzuto, and Dana Salisbury, with guest Emma Grace Skove-Epes. Visual design is by Dana Salisbury.


9:00pm: Sari Nordman / A Dadaesque Collage of Chauvinist Wisdom (World Premiere)

A Dadaesque Collage of Chauvinist Wisdom is an investigation of female solidarity. This duet poses questions about the nature of women and their influences: “What are our strengths and weaknesses, and how do these qualities interplay? Do our aesthetics differ from those of men? What is our universal implication as women?” The duet is performed by Kristin Hatleberg and Sari Nordman. Visual design is by Sari Nordman.


Saturday, February 2

7:30pm: Alexandra Beller/Dances / other stories (2012)

other stories is a layered multimedia performance based on a collection of interwoven movement events. Dealing with the friction between stories and realities, particularly within intimate relationships, the work triggers memory, emotion, and heightened awareness through deeply personal and evocative movement. Performers include Alexandra Beller, Lea Fulton, Toni Melaas, Kendra Portier, Edward Rice, and Simon Thomas-Train. other stories features live music by Robert Pass, lighting design by Mandy Ringger, set design by Brian Ireland, and dramaturgy by Katherine Profeta.


9:00pm: Stanley Love Performance Group / Summon Ascension (World Premiere)

Summon Ascension is Stanley Love Performance Group’s latest offering. A celebration of dance that focuses on the uplifting, the heartfelt, and the depth of fun and joy, Summon Ascension is a journey of emotion featuring an eclectic array of music and movement. The cast includes Tara Autovino, John Bielecki, Anne Claire, Stephanie Dixon, Jeffery Duval, Matthew Flower, Lauri Hogan, Shizu Homma, Stanley Love, Luke Miller, Julie Ramirez, Ashley Steele, Ede Thurrell, Vanessa Walters, Leila Zimbel, and Greg Zuccolo.

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CatScratch Theatre was founded as a collective in 2000 by Jeramy Zimmerman, Jessica Hirst, Krissie Marty, and Lisa Hetzel. CatScratch Theatre (CST) first danced on the Washington, D.C. Metro system and has since performed in nontraditional places such as the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage and Chateau Cazals in southeastern France, as well as in more traditional concert dance venues. In 2002, Zimmerman, through CST Productions, produced "On the Edge: Downtown Festival of Modern Dance," Washington, D.C.'s first festival devoted solely to modern dance. Between 2005 and 2009, Zimmerman, in collaboration with Vox Novus, created and produced 60x60Dance, a structure that brought together 60 choreographers and more than 120 dancers for performances at the World Financial Center and Galapagos Art Space in New York City. CatScratch Theatre has been based in Brooklyn since 2006. Recognizing that the borough has become an arts nexus in its own right Jeramy Zimmerman/CatScratch Theatre is committed to producing work and supporting collaborative projects in Brooklyn.


The Irondale Center is the home of the award-winning Irondale Ensemble Project. It is a theater, a laboratory, a classroom, and a home for ensemble artists of diverse disciplines. The Center is the first performing arts space to open in the BAM Cultural District. A beautiful and historic space, the theater has been created in the ruins of the old Sunday school building. The Irondale Center is able to support the work of other local companies with theater space subsidies provided by the Brooklyn Community Foundation and New York City Council Member Letitia James.

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