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This Weekend, "Past is Prelude" 5 performances!

This Weekend, "Past is Prelude" 5 performances!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 1:00pm

At the Dance Complex

March 1, 2 + 3 at the Dance COmplex Past is Prelude

Past is Prelude

Friday March 1 (at 8:00PM), 
Saturday March 2 (at 7:00PM + 9:00PM)
Sunday March 3 (at 6:00PM + 8:00PM) 
in the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre at the Dance Complex
( 536 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, MA)
7 General Admission, 5 BDA Members/Students/Seniors.  
Special off discount when you present a receipt from a participating restaurant 
(updated list on the www.zoedance.org) :

Performers: Yuka Takahashi, Guest Artist Joe Gonzalez, Naoko Brown and Lonnie Stanton. Lighting - Stephen Petrilli, Choreography/Video Design - Callie Chapman

Zoe Dance (in it's 10th season) will be presenting "Past is Prelude" using video projection, recorded video, live video feed and a black voile scrim. "Past is Prelude" explores the many facets of memory and its role on the individual, society and within human history. All of this played out within 50 minutes to allow for a "night out" experience for the audience (i.e. dinner, dancing, etc.). The four performers will interact with a combination of a live camera, pre-recorded video, and of course each other in an effort to induce the audiences sense of memory.  Memory, in this sense, is relating to the nebulous images and sensations that visit us from our childhood or recent events.  But also there is an awareness of the collective memory of humanity and human history.  Destruction, love, peace are all cyclical in thier timing.  And as many times they are repeated, we say to ourselves, "we learned our lesson here and will/won't do that again".

"Past is Prelude" blends together the artistry of the performers in some set and some improvisational scores, video projection on a scrim that is placed in front of them and their own experiences with the individual as well as universal theme of memory.

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