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Triskelion Arts presents the Summer Shake-Up

Triskelion Arts presents the Summer Shake-Up


Emily Craver & The Little Streams, Elena Rose Light, Jackie Moynahan, Jeremy Lepine, Carlye Eckert, Stacy Collado and more


Triskelion Arts' Muriel Schulman Theater
106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn, NY


Wednesday, August 12, 2015 - 7:30pm

Emily Craver & The Little Streams, Elena Rose Light, Jackie Moynahan, Jeremy Lepine, Carlye Eckert, Stacy Collado and more

Brooklyn, NY – Triskelion Arts is thrilled to offer our second annual summer series, the Summer Shake-Up, in the Muriel Schulman Theater this August 12 and 26, featuring a slew of terrific artists with wide-ranging aesthetics.

The August 12th program includes Emily Craver & The Little Streams, Elena Rose Light, Jackie Moynahan, Jeremy Lepine, Carlye Eckert, Stacy Collado, Catherine Cabeen – Hyphen, Treeline Dance Works, and Brendan Drake.



Emily Craver & The Little Streams premiere Folk Off, a wham-bam brand-new work bringing together some folks to dance to some folk. Do you know what a crawdad is? You will soon. That is, if you come see this piece. Please don’t wait any longer. Did you know that Froggy Went A-Courtin'? He did. And he did ride, uh-huh. Meet Froggy, The Little Streams, and perhaps even a crawdad, if you can imagine that.

What doesn’t require translation? Elena Rose Light poses this question in Semi(id)iotics, a solo dance in which the human body becomes a sometimes kinesthetic, sometimes visual sign for basic human emotion and action. Influenced by her background in art history, Light explores the relationship between aesthetic form and implied meaning, forcing the audience to examine their biases as they gaze upon a female body. 

Jackie Moynahan's newest work, Removal, is an exploration of what it means to have one’s world dramatically changed at a moment's notice and the struggle to find new ground. In typical fashion, Moynahan's work is quirky, dark and generated from a raw emotional place with strategic intention.

Shallows is a new piece developed by Belgian choreographer, Jeremy Lepine, for his company Yetsirah. Six dancers question their relationships, the impact of the lights on one another, and their reactions. It's like a race for recognition. Who will stand in the light first? Who will, inevitably, produce a shadow on the others?

“Physical outlines blur, melding three into one; fragmented parts expressing a unique story.” Carlye Eckert’s Totem is a performance based in symbolic representation. As an exquisite corpse involves images or words assembled to create a surrealist collage, this corporeal interpretation will accent and distinguish selections of the performers’ anatomy, mixing and matching physicality and body segments to create a new “body”. 

Using satire, gesture, and theatrical elements, Stacy Collado’s terrible daughter that i am presents the vulgar body and challenges the expectation of the female gender, exploring the idea of the traditional female self living in the uterus. Embedded in this work is the air of an unapologetic, bold woman who wants not to live in a constant state of shame, who has been assigned a name, a role, a set of clothes, and who is taking liberties to challenge and reject them.

Catherine Cabeen - Hyphen will perform Defined Against, a solo that explores how oppositional forces serve to clarify one another. Vigorous and luxurious movements juxtapose in this work, playing with how the contrast of aggression and lightness in movement can assert both the potential fluidity of our gender representation, and the complexity of our relationship to power. 

Treeline Dance Works premieres Cosmology, the first section of their newest evening-length work in process. It resembles a coolly unconcerned attitude towards wavering space and the shifting harmony of moving parts. 

Brendan Drake presents I’m Here to Give You What I’m Almost Pretty Sure You Want. Inspired by the 1980’s classic film, Fame, as well as the choreographer’s own experience as a closeted theater student at a small New England High School for the Arts, this solo work empowers the voice of a 16-year-old underdog suffering from delusions of Debbie Allen, Donna Mckechnie, and you guessed it… Beyonce.


This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.


106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (Enter on Banker Street)

TICKETS: $16 General Admission | For press tickets, please contact info@triskelionarts.org.



[Stacy Collado Dance. Photo by Christopher Duggan]

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