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WASHINGTON, DC: Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship

WASHINGTON, DC: Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship


Halcyon Arts Lab


Halcyon Arts Lab
1801 35th Street NW
Washington, DC 20007


Monday, March 23, 2020 - 5:00pm daily through April 8, 2020



Halcyon Arts Lab

What is the Halcyon Arts Lab Fellowship? 

At the intersection of art and social change, this five-month residential fellowship is designed to provide support and resources to emerging artists working on projects which address issues of social justice, civic engagement, and community building. Arts Lab fellows strive to expand their practices and grow as leaders in their respective fields.

Who should apply?

Emerging artists who are interested in further investigating a socially engaged practice and creating lasting connections and partnerships in Washington, DC. Halcyon defines emerging artists as an early career artist has demonstrated promising artistic development and demonstrates dedication to their practices but is at a pivotal point in their career where they could benefit from further training and support. 

When is the deadline?

Applications are due by 5PM EST on April 8, 2020. No exceptions or extensions. Apply before the deadline to avoid technical difficulties.

What is included?

  • Halcyon Arts Lab Fellows have access to the following:
  • Studio space to focus on research, learning, and creative practice
  • A competitive financial scholarship to support living and material costs: $5,000 Stipend and additional funding available for materials and program expenses
  • Five months of off-site residential accommodation
  • A program of social impact classes, entrepreneurship training, artist talks, studio visits, civic engagement opportunities, and critiques
  • Opportunities for networking and critique from experienced professionals
  • Collaboration and networking with fellow artists, social entrepreneurs, and our program partner organizations in Washington, D.C.
  • Presentation opportunities and ability to guide and build public programming 


Learn more at Halcyonartslab.org

How to apply: https://halcyonhouse.org/arts-lab/apply

Contact details: Arts@Halcyonhouse.org or 202.516.1036        

For further information, please visit https://halcyonhouse.org/arts-lab/apply

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