Mr. Keigwin Creates a New Ballet and So Much More

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Published on March 6, 2011

Here's how he does it (and some fun extras, shop talk and outtakes)

Christine  Jowers meets Larry Keigwin at The Joyce Soho for a chat and to see some dancin'.

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Larry Keigwin speaks  about addiction providing the  skeleton for his newest creation EXIT , and  about the importance of  his collaborators: the dancers, the muscians, and even the rehearsal space. We didn't get to cover  Karen Young's costumes, but I know from the press photos and Young's body of work that they are going to transport us to a new and edgy place.

I thoroughly enjoy the raw energy of the rehearsal space just before a premiere. Keigwin describes it as a very exciting time for him as well , a time when everything finally gels.

We had alot of fun chatting, ( I have included some outtakes) and besides EXIT we got to talk about Keigwin's other  jobs: choreographer of the new off Broadway production of RENT and choreographer of the musical version of Armistead Maupin's TALES OF THE CITY- more on those  later.

Keigwin on EXIT 


Keigwin Talking Shop

Keigwin Minute of Rehearsal ( actually 49 seconds)

Keigwin Outtake aka Larry makes me laugh.


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