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Some of The NYC Dance Season in Haiku and Limerick

Some of The NYC Dance Season in Haiku and Limerick
Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram

By Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram
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Published on April 16, 2011

Poetic Expressions of Dancing Impressions


Poetic Expressions of Dancing Impressions-


Thoughts so far on a dancing season in Haiku and Limerick- Keigwin+Co, Martha Graham, David Parker, UmWelt, Sawtooth, Janis Brenner, San Francisco Butoh , Modern Dance History, and Engagement.

© Christine Jowers 2010 

Line Drawing of Christine Jowers Dancing
by Madeline Meehan circa 1993


In The Audience

Here, waiting for you...
Shock me out of my seat,
even with beauty.

IMPRESSIONS OF:Exit -Keigwin +Co at the Joyce Theater -March 8th - March 13th -Choreography: Larry Keigwin , Music: Chris Lancaster and Jerome Begin

Dark, Titillating
Cool guy mixing music live
Not enough TERROR.

But, The Redemption:
Open falling free magic.
Bodies dance heaven.

On Engagement in The Dance World

We're wanting so much to engage
For dancin' should be all the rage
and yet, it is not
'cause sometimes we're snots
and "down to earth" is a NEW page


IMPRESSIONS OF: Shows I missed, David Parker Curates a Platform called  "Body Madness" at Danspace 2011

There once was a fellow named Dav id
Fine rhythms and tapping he crave  ed
He curated a show
And I didn't go
Alas, the dates I did not save   ed.

IMPRESSIONS OF: SAWTOOTH dancers and Umwelt Dance Theater-Choreography by Cristina Jasen and Gillian Vinton- At Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX)- February 18th,19th- 2011

To go to a new artists show
An experience that one should not blow
The talent is eager
The efforts not meager
Like seedlings just starting to grow

For Cristina Jasen

Young new dancemakers
Take note! To dance confusion
one needs clear focus

The BEST part was when
Alone,she circled her hips.
Each curve told a tale.

For Gillian Vinton

Girl is talented
TOO much time in arts admin
Get work on stage, please.

About Katie's Solo (world premiere) Choreography: Gillian Vinton, Performance :Katie Daniels

speak dance speak turn speak
solo gal in jeans with words
must be seen again

IMPRESSIONS OF: The Martha Graham Dance Company-Lincoln Center Home for Jazz- March 15-20th 2011

I want to say, that
review by Macaulay sucked.
He didn't get it.



On Robert Wilson's SNOW ON THE MESA



A complex woman
Painted with light and symbols
Reflections and dreams

Frenzied witch dances
wolves, bones, breasts, shattered glasses
Deathly passion

To Gamelan sounds
Her lover floats her in space
She skitters away

Creative spirit
a wild black snake emerges
from out of her mouth

Her peace seemed too brief
Conflict creates great stories...
but to live that way?

On Cave of The Heart -Choreography by Martha Graham

I was thinking in Cave of the Heart

that Jason was not really smart
He had a great wife
was set up for life
He just had to sleep with that tart

I want that wire cage
created by Noguchi
to hang my coat on

Conceited ,cocksure
muscle upon more muscles.
You know he is doomed.

The other woman
The little princess
swoons over his machismo.
Naiive to the truth

Her moves shatter space.
She has been stabbed many times.
We will not forget.

The Chorus
No one will listen!
Blind to the worlds you see,
suffering doesn't stop.

On Deaths and Entrances Choreographed by Martha Graham

Silk Ball Gowns, Smart Suits
Hold us upright and proper
As we fall inside.

On Chasing by Bulareyaung Pagarlava ( commissioned as a companion piece to Deaths and Entrances)

Episodes of life
fleeting,flashing right past us
until NOTHING hurts.


On Modern Dance History

Will Shakespeare, his work can be "new"
Jane Austen's books find new life views
Ballet does Giselle, Swan Lake
What the hell?
Now, why can't our classics play too?

Dance critics hate rep
Unless, a known "masterpiece".
Old work called dusty.

IMPRESSIONS OF : Janis Brenner& Dancers- Danspace at St. Marks Church- April 7th -9th 2011

Oh, repeat that last haiku from the section before.

Of her dancing and choreography:

Janis Brenner's work
Particular and subtle
Quiet surprises...

Of her premiere The Mind-Stuff Variations

Her piece points this out:
the irony that cruelty
is used to shape dance.

It fascinates here,
the connection of thoughts to acts
and... the disconnect

Her dancers were close to the ground
the movements and music  profound
intention was clear
but i couldn't hear
They just need to work on the sound.

IMPRESSIONS OF COLORMEAMERICA - Ledoh and SALT FARM BUTOH VÉRITÉ- The Joyce Soho- April 14th-16th 2011

becoming with shifts of focus
polar opposites.

Chesire Cat grinning,
No, an east coast business snarl.
Then, a matador.

A delicate bird
growls with red ferocious eyes
Her neck is broken.

Unique Performers
One time, I veged (the slow pace)
Still, I was awestruck

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