What I Learned This Week About Dreaming -with Choreographer Liz Gerring

What I Learned This Week About Dreaming -with Choreographer Liz Gerring
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Published on October 9, 2011

In Rehearsal with Liz Gerring Dance getting ready for the world premiere of "She Dreams In Code" Oct 13th-Oct 16th,2011

De-coding The Code of Dreams

video pieces by Christine Jowers, The Dance Enthusiast for The Dance Enthusiast- October 11, 2011


Acclaimed choreographer,Liz Gerring and long time collaborator, composer and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher explore the co-dependency between dance and music, together creating an oblique environment of relationships that crisscross space and time.
In this work the choreographer focuses on her methods of construction; clarification of image rather than invention of new movement. Highly athletic, the challenging physical demands of the vocabulary are expressed in abstraction often drawn from the everyday.


Liz on the elements and ideas that initiated She Dreams In Code:



Liz on movement and her dancers:

For More Information about "She Dreams In Code" at the Baryshnikov Arts Center ,and to get tickets
click here


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