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We Have A Winner! This Dance Enthusiast Will Receive Subscriptions To Marquee.TV

We Have A Winner! This Dance Enthusiast Will Receive Subscriptions To Marquee.TV

Published on December 20, 2018
The Metropolitan Opera in Puccini’s "Semiramide."

Thanks To All Who Submitted Their Audience Reviews

This holiday season, we invited you to pen an Audience Review for the dance community . . . and we had juicy prizes in store! The lucky winner has won a one-year Marquee.TV subscription for himself, PLUS another for a friend.

Designed for a 21st-century audience, Marquee.TV is the only digital subscription service offering dance, opera, music, theatre, and documentaries — a diverse mix of on-demand content from recent productions at artistic powerhouses the world over. Imagine being able to watch/catch up with performances staged at the Royal Opera House, Glyndebourne and Sadler’s Wells (UK), or Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (US) without leaving your couch. Did we mention the pristine HD quality? Or how content is accessible on any IOS or Android device?

"Lang Lang in Versailles" on Marquee.TV.

As mentioned in our original announcement, all Audience Reviews submitted between December 1-16, 2018 were counted as submissions for the contest. But everyone's a winner! Those who entered within the given timeframe will still receive a 20% discount code off their first-year subscription.


John K. Gillespie's enthusiasm for dance won us over at the end! An intercultural consultant for businesses in the trans-Pacific arena, Gillespie is well-acquainted with Japan, where he lived for 16 years, and with East Asian cultures. He also works as an executive coach.

"I have written about dance before and was already aware of The Dance Enthusiast," says Gillespie. "When I saw Maureen Fleming’s super performance, I simply wanted to record my impressions, mainly for her. A friend mentioned that I might try Audience Reviews on The Dance Enthusiast." Read what he has to share about WILDFLOWERS by Maureen Fleming here:

A first-time user on Marquee.TV, Gillespie has plenty to trawl through now that he has won a subscription. "I am delighted with good programs that concern performance!" says the art lover. Since he won TWO subscriptions, Gillespie will be gifting the other to Gabrielle Riera. "She is the one who introduced me to Maureen Fleming some 30 years ago," says Gillespie, who believes in paying it forward. 

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