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Letter from The Dance Enthusiast Managment Team re COVID-19

Letter from The Dance Enthusiast Managment Team re COVID-19

Published on March 17, 2020
photo of Dance Heginbotham by Christine Jowers

With links for Information and Services to help the Dance/Performance Community and Those Who Love Them.


Dear Dancers, Choreographers, Presenters, Publicists, Fellow Communicators, Fellow New Yorkers, and Dance Enthusiasts in the United States and Around The Globe,

How our world has changed in such a very short time! 

Performances that we have previewed and were excited to see have been canceled or postponed.

Schools and cultural institutions, the lifeblood of our community, have very responsibly decided to close or limit their hours to keep audiences, students,  and artists safe and healthy.* 

Many of our teaching friends, used to moving physical bodies in their studios, are now quickly learning to adapt to the online platform ZOOM and the idea of remote teaching and learning. Social Distance Dancing -quite a shift.

But if any group of people can handle shifts with humor, creativity, and concern for each other's well being we know that it's the dance/performance community! 

Except for going out to concerts or site visits The Dance Enthusiast works primarily online and during this time we would like to support you by sharing your stories  on our site. 

  • Do you have a video you'd like to share perhaps with some words about what you've been working on?
  • Do you need help announcing an online performance or class? 
  • Would you like to share how you are handling COVID-19 in your practice?
  • Would you just like to talk? 

Contact us at The Dance Enthusiast. info@dance-enthusiast, with your ideas, thoughts, concerns. And, with good times to reach you by phone if you would like to chat.

We want to support you in any way we are able.

In the meantime please be well,  and if you are able, consider donating to your favorite dance company or school as our cultural world is taking a big financial hit at this time.

*( If you are unsure whether or not an event is canceled please contact the artist, company or presenter this time our listings may be incorrect)

Here are a few websites that can be of service to you.
1.The Center for Disease Control with Tips on How to Handle the Coronavirus at Work and at Home
2. Dance/NYC, always a wonderful resource for the community, is now conducting a field survey to assess the impact of COVID-19 on our community
3. Dance /NYC also has a list re Coronavirus Preparedness and information about event mgmt, and emergency relief grants,etc.

4. COVID-19 & Freelance Artists -The List an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines

All our best wishes,
Christine , Erin , and Sammi

Christine Jowers, Erin Bomboy, and Sammi Lim, The Dance Enthusiast Management Team

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