DANCE NEWS: BRIC Announces BRIClab 2022-2023 Artists-in-Residence

DANCE NEWS: BRIC Announces BRIClab 2022-2023 Artists-in-Residence

Published on September 19, 2022
J. Bouey & Ley Gambucci; Photo Maria Baranova

Artists Working in Four Tracks Have Been Selected for BRIC's Residency Program

BRIC, a leading, multi-disciplinary arts and media institution anchored in downtown Brooklyn, is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 BRIClab artists-in-residence. BRIClab is a multi-disciplinary residency program created to offer emerging and mid-career artists essential resources, financial support, mentorship, and skills-based learning opportunities. In addition, it provides a chance to share their work with their peers and the public. 

The residency aims to build a more robust and diverse artistic community in Brooklyn by fostering relationships, and supporting long-term growth and engagement with BRIC. The program supports artists to freely and diligently explore the possibilities of their practices. Each of the four creative tracks offers a unique set of resources tailored to meet the distinct needs of varied artistic expression. 

Wes Jackson, President of BRIC, says, "Our BRIClab residency program provides an opportunity pipeline for some of the most dynamic and innovative artists working in Brooklyn. Many of these creators go on to showcase within other parts of BRIC, like our Contemporary Art Project Room or even the stage of BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! BRIClab is at the heart of what we do here at BRIC, and I'm honored to welcome this new cohort of artists and makers into the BRIC community."


BRIClab: Contemporary Art

Ezra Benus (he/they) Born and based in Brooklyn, NY Naima Green (she/her) Born in Philadelphia, PA; based in Brooklyn, NY
Banyi Huang (they/them) Born in Beijing, China; based in New York, NY
Madjeen Isaac (she/her) Born and based in Brooklyn, NY
Jenny Polak (she/her) Born in London, England, UK; based in Brooklyn, NY


colorful painting depiction Black kids hanging out in a Brooklyn neighborhood with Caribbean palms and a goat
Past work by Madjeen : Meet Us at Flatbush and Beverly

You can read more about the artists at:


BRIClab: Film + TV

Ash Goh Hua (any pronouns), Born in Singapore, based in New York
ManSee Kong (she/her), Born in  New York; based in New York, NY
Andrew Nadkarni (he/him), Born in Media, PA, based in Brooklyn, NY

portrait of film artist Man See Kong with her camera and mics
ManSee Kong, Filmmaker

Read more about the filmmakers at: 


BRIClab: Performing Arts

J. Bouey (they/them), George Del Barrio (he/him), and RHETLAW (he/him) Born in Los Angeles, CA; based in Brooklyn, NY; Born in Queens, NY; based in New York City; Born  in Atlantic City, NJ; based in Brooklyn, NY

James Clements (he/him) & John Maria Gutierrez (he/they); Born in Washington Heights, NY; based in Brooklyn, NY; EYIBRA (fka Abraham Brody) (he/they) Born in New York, NY; based between Brooklyn, NY and Mexico City.

Cleo Reed (they/them) Born in New York City; based in Brooklyn, NY.

David Samuel (he/him) Born in Plano, TX; based in Harlem, NY

Colm Summers (he/him) Born Cork, Ireland; based in Brooklyn, NY

Sugar Vendil (she/her) Born in Redwood City, CA;  Based in Brooklyn, NY and Janelle Lawrence (they/them) Born in Queens, NY; based in Brooklyn and Hudson, NY

What Will The Neighbors Say? Sam Hood Adrain (he/him) Born in Rhode Island; based in New York; James Clements (he/him);  Pablo Calderón-Santiago (he/him) Born in Puerto Rico; based between NY and San Juan

two women singing at mics, one Black with a yellow head wrap the other lighter skinned with long dark hair with blonde ends... she is holding a mini keyboard
Sugar Vendil and Janelle Lawrence performing at the Museum of the City of New York. Photo credit: Katherine De La Cruz.

You can read more about the artists at:

BRIClab: Video Art

OlaRonke Akinmowo (she/her), Born and based in Brooklyn, NY
Tusia Dabrowska (she/her) Born in Warsaw, Poland; based in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany
Tatiana Florival (she/her), Born in Piscataway, NJ; based in New York, NY
Stephanie Powell (she/her), Born in Yokosuka, Japan; based in Brooklyn, NY
Linda Ryan (she/her), Born in Binghamton, NY; based in Brooklyn, NY
Isabella Vargas (she/her), Born in Portland, Oregon; based in Brooklyn, NY


black and white still from a film that shows branches of trees which seem to flow like seaweed against a white background
Tusia Dabrowska's  Uttermost Boundary, 2022. Short film, 13:08.; still from film

You can read more about the artists at



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