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Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) Announces Spring 2020 BAC Residencies

Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) Announces Spring 2020 BAC Residencies

Published on February 7, 2020
Yin Mei, a BAC Space Resident Artist (Performance Art Residency)

BAC to Provide 9 Residencies for Artists Developing Projects in Dance, Theater, Music & Multimedia

Baryshnikov Arts Center (BAC) announces Spring 2020 BAC Residencies, which will provide critical support to 9 artists and their collaborators developing projects across disciplines. This season marks 15 years of BAC Residencies, the core artistic program of Baryshnikov Arts Center, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2020.

Raja Feather Kelly. Photo copyright of the artist.

The new season began February 3 with the first of two Princess Grace Foundation-USA (PGF) Works-in- Progress Residencies: theater artist Modesto “Flako” Jimenez, whose residency continues through February 22, is followed by choreographer Raja Feather Kelly, in residence June 1—12. These artists, both from New York City, will receive substantial support through BAC’s longstanding partnership with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA to provide residencies to Princess Grace Award-winners developing multimedia or interdisciplinary projects.

Milka Djordjevich. Photo copyright of the artist.

Spring 2020 residencies include BAC Space, running March 16 through April 11. This residency hosts multiple artists in all of BAC’s spaces concurrently, and is designed to encourage peer exchange. The BAC Space Spring 2020 Resident Artists are: New York City-based artists Justin Hicks and Steffani Jemison (Music / Multimedia)Kayla Farrish (Dance), Lori Belilove (Dance), and Yin Mei (Performance Art)Milka Djordjevich (Dance) from Los Angeles; and Mithkal Alzghair (Dance) from Paris, France. Audiences are invited to observe these artists’ works-in-progress during a series of public BAC Space Studio Showings at BAC (450 West 37th Street) on April 10. The schedule will be announced and free reservations made available by March 30 at

Choreographer Gwen Welliver. Photo copyright of the artist.

Finally, the Bogliasco Fellowship brings New York City-based choreographer Gwen Welliver to BAC’s studios May 18—22 for a residency following a period of project development at the Bogliasco Foundation’s facility on Italy’s coast.

For information about BAC Residencies, and the Spring 2020 Resident Artists, their collaborators, and their projects, please visit


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