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DANCE NEWS: Faye Driscoll Receives an Obie Award for Her Direction of "Weathering"

DANCE NEWS: Faye Driscoll Receives an Obie Award for Her Direction of "Weathering"

Published on February 6, 2024
Photo by Maria Baranova

"'Weathering,' in geologic terms, is the process of dissolving. As the daughter of a geologist, I’ve hiked alluvial plains, sampled granite outcroppings and witnessed the result of long-ago volcanic upsurges. This to observe the wearing of earth’s bedrock strata and to screen glacial till, the particulate result of eons of weather — cooling, heating, water, wind — that works on rocks and minerals, the stuff of the earth.

Driscoll’s 'Weathering,' 70 minutes of riveting, engrossing performance, an artistic triumph, comments on and equates the human condition with the dissolution of our natural environment. Our planet is imperiled to the point, as Driscoll so eloquently states, there is no escape."

— Catherine Tharin's IMPRESSIONS of Faye Driscoll's
"Weathering" at New York Live Arts
[Published on April 28, 2023]

On January 27, 2024, The American Theatre Wing (Heather Hitchens, President & CEO), along with Spectrum News NY1, announced the winners of the esteemed Obie Awards. The recipients of the 67th Annual Awards, Off- and Off-Off-Broadway’s Highest Honor, included Faye Driscoll for her direction of Weathering:

“In live performance, everything begins and ends with the body… For an experiential production flirting with all of our senses, and for gifting us with ponderances on the sublimity of the human condition, the judges have awarded an Obie Award to Faye Driscoll for her Direction of Weathering.”

"Thank you to The American Theater Wing, The Obie Awards, and to the judges for this deep witnessing," responded Driscoll. "Special thank you to New York Live Arts and the Randjelović/Stryker Resident Commissioned Artist (RCA) program, and thank you from the depths of my guts to the Weathering team for creating this alive leaking howling world with me. I could not have made this work without your collaboration-presence- faith-love-risk-labor."

^^^ For a behind-the-scenes look into the process of making Weathering, check out the above video shot and edited by Chris Cameron from the team's time at MANCC in February 2023. ^^^

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