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Dance News: "Dance Because You Can," A New Book by Choreographer Amy Jordan

Dance News: "Dance Because You Can," A New Book by Choreographer Amy Jordan

Published on December 3, 2018
Photo © Amy Jordan / The Victory Dance Project

5 Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph

Amy Jordan, dancer, choreographer and motivational speaker, lays out a simple plan to guide readers through life’s inevitable challenges and transform trauma into triumph in her new book, Dance Because You Can: 5Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph (Outskirts Press).

Jordan developed D.A.N.C.E. while facing major physical and spiritually crises. She has faced more than her fair share of life challenges – from childhood diabetes and a serious eating disorder to a horrific accident that shattered her physically and spiritually.

Today, Amy’s life looks very different. She is founder and Artistic Director of the Victory Dance Project, a professional company based in New York City. “Sweet Enuff,” Movement, a diabetes and obesity prevention program she founded for kids, was a finalist for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “End Childhood Obesity Challenge.” And, after dozens of painful surgeries, she recently danced for the first time since her accident.

She used the five D.A.N.C.E. steps to guide her recovery. It wasn’t always easy, but with a plan, perseverance, and determination, she reclaimed her life. In this book, Amy shares the steps readers can follow to overcome any challenges or obstacles holding them back.

The book is poignant, funny, tragic and truthful. Dance Because You Can provides a refreshingly real perspective on the challenges of life.  There is no magic pill or quick fix.  Dance Because You Can will help readers face challenges, find answers, and realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes there are no easy answers.  But as Amy’s story shows, there is a way out.  Everyone has a personal dance hiding within – we just have to learn the steps, get out on the dance floor, and “Dance Because we Can.”

Book cover: Amy Jordan's new book 'Dance Because You Can' (Outskirts Press)

Amy Jordan is a choreographer, author, inspirational speaker, and a classically trained dancer who embodies her mantra, Dance Because You Can. Amy’s professional and personal experiences have given her the insight needed to help others.  Her life has been full of unexpected challenges,  sending her on a journey that transformed transform tragedy into triumph.

Amy has Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes and fought most of her life to hide it.  As a professional dancer, she experienced complications from the diabetes that caused her to lose sight in one eye becoming legally blind. 

Unable to continue her dance career, she turned her attention to supporting others living with diabetes.  This began her life-long work as an advocate and motivator.  She founded SWEET ENUFF Movement to help prevent childhood obesity through dance and exercise.  It  was a top 5 national finalist of First Lady Michelle Obama’s ‘End Childhood Obesity Challenge.’

Life challenged Amy again when she was hit and run over by a bus while living in New York City.  The accident nearly ended her life and her leg came close to being amputated. She used her dance training and discipline to survive dozens on surgeries, and against all odds, regained use of her leg. 

Her determination and indomitable spirit carried her through grueling years of rehabilitation, and  her inner strength enabled her to return to fitness classes.  She began choreographing and returned to her essence as a dancer in 2014,  founding The Victory Dance Project, a NYC-based professional dance company.

The Victory Dance Project with the legendary Chita Rivera, honoree, and collaborators. Courtesy of the company.

Today, Amy strives to inspire and motivate others to overcome ANY adversity.   She continues to choreograph and is a sought-after motivational speaker and coach.  Amy shares her unique, DANCE philosophy in her signature presentation Dance because You Can. She believes that the process of Creating Your Own Victory Dance is the key to success in business, leadership and life.

Living in the idea of Making the Impossible Possible, Amy Jordan is determined to transform her own traumas into victory and inspire and coach others to do the same. She believes that everyone can, and should, “Dance Because You Can.”

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