A Day With JoAnna Mendl Shaw and her company, The Equus Projects

A Day With JoAnna Mendl Shaw and her company, The Equus Projects
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Published on January 6, 2013

Behind The Scenes with The Equus Projects as they work on OnSite NYC

Dancing With and Without Horses

Immersing Ourselves in the Kinetic Life of The Equus Projects

Video created by Christine Jowers
Six windows in to the world of The Equus Projects
featuring JoAnna Mendl Shaw and the dancers of The Equus Projects

January 6th, 2013


Last month, I had the privilege to spend some time with The Equus Projects and talk to their indomitable director, JoAnna Mendl Shaw. The company, who has been dancing with equine partners for 15 years, is now applying many of the skill sets learned working with those magnificent animals to movement performed without them.

Because of the facilities and space required, New York City folk don't often get the chance to see The Equus Projects in action. Now, thanks to the company's new program - OnSite NYC - we urbanites can enjoy the talents of these special artists right here in our home environs.

By the way, the next OnSite NYC experience happens this Tuesday, January 8th, at the furniture studio Ligne Roset, in Soho. Not only will there be site specific movement presented by Equus, but also an art installation, and a cocktail party replete with gourmet fare. More info? Click here.


A Dance Enthusiast Minute
A Minute of Getting Site Specific -The Equus Projects most recent OnSite NYC production distilled



Working On Site in Real Time with the Equus Projects



Dancing Without Horses

The Equus Projects' Training



Dancing With Horses

JoAnna Mendl Shaw on The Beginnings,Broadway, and Finesse Dancing

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