A Day in the Life: With Teacher and Choreographer David Fernandez (including a Dance Enthusiast Minute Video)

A Day in the Life: With Teacher and Choreographer David Fernandez (including a Dance Enthusiast Minute Video)
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Published on February 22, 2012

Preparing An Evening With SOME DANCE COMPANY To Benefit Career Transition for Dancers

A Day in The Life of Teacher and Choreographer David Fernandez

Monday February 20, 2012 at Dance Arts New York


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Dance Enthusiast Minute Video by Christine Jowers

Teachers are the unsung members our dance community-the dance world’s bedrock. Without their nurturing demands and support, the work we enjoy on stage would be insubstantial.
David Fernandez, a New Yorker, originally from Mexico City, is not only a highly regarded and well–loved teacher, but he is also a talented international choreographic artist.  Fernandez brings virtuosity, lightening speed and wit to the ballet.  And,ps, dancers love him. 
On Monday February 27th at 7PM we will have the chance to love David Fernandez too. SOME DANCE COMPANY will celebrate his choreography in a one night only event at El Museo Del Barrio, and it’s not to be missed.

Who is SOME DANCE COMPANY? The group consists of leading dancers from New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, the Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble and the New Jersey Ballet, plus other talented Fernandez dancing devotees.  
Even more spectacular than the choreography and cast listing is the fact that all of the artists involved in this show are donating their time and services to benefit Career Transition for Dancers, the important organization whose mission it is to support dance artists as they move from one stage of life to another.

I was lucky enough to be a fly on the wall of Fernandez’s early morning rehearsal.  At 10 AM on Monday, before even my second cup of coffee, the dancers were intensely at work. Grand leaps, exuberant feet, and never ending spins mixed with some costume fittings and toe shoe darning took up two hours.  Fernandez moved along side his crew encouraging their efforts by singing and counting. By the end of this behind the scenes experience with Fernandez’s choreography, Farruca, I was counting and singing as well, and so energized I forgot entirely about my second cup of coffee.


Don’t miss An Evening with SOME DANCE COMPANY, choreography by David Fernandez. February 27, 2012 at 7pm at El Museo del Barrio at 104th Street.
The tickets for the evening to benefit Career Transition for Dancers are 00, 0, and 0 (An 00 ticket includes an exclusive post-performance champagne reception). To purchase tickets: Call 347.255.9225 or Click here



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