A Minute (or Two) Behind The Scenes

A Minute (or Two) Behind The Scenes
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Published on November 29, 2011

Shen Wei Dance Arts in Rehearsal at Park Avenue Armory

The Dance Enthusiast's Dance Minutes with Shen Wei Dance Arts

video created by Christine Jowers for The Dance Enthusiast

The Park Avenue Armory is its own majestic universe. How can a regular-sized human traverse the enormity of the stage space sans roller skates? How does one avoid tripping over a humongous layered skirt and float on stage ?  Or run into the  dark?

This past Thursday the artists of Shen Wei Dance Arts spent hours working out such details.

The smallest steps require gargantuan efforts.

"Do you still want to see a little shift, like smoke?" asks one dancer, waving her hand gently in front of her face in the manner of a master calligrapher.

"Maybe next time," calls Shen Wei from a microphone above, "right now we rehearse for timing, lighting, and spacing."

Tonight, after a year-long creative residency, as a Park Avenue Armory artist-in-residence, Artistic Director Shen Wei and his company, Shen Wei Dance Arts  willl share their efforts: two re-stagings of celebrated works and one world premiere ,Undivided Divided, that will make use of the boundless possibilities of Park Avenue Armory's Drill Hall. 

A Minute to Disappear



A Minute of Gratitude





The Program-Shen Wei Arts At The Park Avenue Armory

November 29th- December 3, 2011-7:30 pm
Dec 4th - 2:00 pm
for tickets

Rite of Spring
Premiered: 2003 (American Dance Festival)
Choreography, Sets, and Costumes: Shen Wei
Music: Igor Stravinsky (Four-hand piano version recorded by Fazil Say)
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton

Premiered: 2000 (originally created for China’s Guangdong Modern Dance Company)
Choreography, Set, Costume, and Make Up: Shen Wei
Music: John Tavener and Tibetan Buddhist Chants
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton

Undivided Divided
(world premiere)
Commissioned by Park Avenue Armory

Concept, choreography and set design: Shen Wei
Original score: SA Percussion
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Video design and animation: Josh Horowitz, Layne Braunstein, and Blair Neal
Costume design: Austin Scarlett
Sound design: Lawson White

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