Dancing Up Close to The Umbrella Collective

Dancing Up Close to The Umbrella Collective
Theo Boguszewski

By Theo Boguszewski
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Published on October 16, 2013
Photo Courtesy of The Umbrella Collective

Young Choreographers Share Their Perspectives and Encourage Their Peers

The Umbrella Collective Presents: Start

October 25th and 26th at 7:30 pm

Chen Dance Center, 70 Mulberry St, NY, NY, 10013

Featuring the work of Breegan Kearney, Caitlin Dutton and Eli Tamondong

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The Umbrella Collective’s three young choreographers, Breegan Kearney, Caitlin Dutton and Eli Tamondong, have banded together to produce their own a full-length show -Start- which will be performed at 7:30 pm on both October 25th and 26th at Chen Dance Center in New York City.

Frustrated by the limited opportunities for creative freedom in the city, Kearney, Dutton and Tamondong put their heads together to create this project last winter. They held weekly meetings, raised funds, drafted press materials, and, of course, scheduled many, many rehearsals. (And anyone who has ever tried to wrangle seven busy dancers together-- all who work multiple restaurant jobs-- knows how tough this scheduling can be).

A Dance Enthusiast Minute of Breegan- Breegan Kearney Shares Her Movement Philosophy and

She is Not Afraid to Slap her Audiences in the Face a Bit

The Umbrella Collective aims to prove to young choreographers that it really is possible to stay true to yourself while presenting dance in this  often overwhelming city. "It's easy to feel lonely, and it's very important to be able to find people you can connect with and share in the resources you have together," says Eli Tamondong. "I am really excited to get communities to combine and interweave.

In speaking with the choreographers, all three gave a nod to the strength of their group dynamic. Their symbol, the umbrella, represents a common shelter, a safe haven under which the artists can share feedback and vent on frustrations.

Caitlin Dutton, on Why The Umbrella Collective

So what can we expect from the shows on October 25th and 26th? Start will be incredibly diverse and will challenge audiences. But, the collective's number one hope is to inspire new generations of artists to take charge of their careers and discover their own ways to produce and sustain their art.

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