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Figment Festival- Outdoor Dance on Governors Island with Shandoah Goldman

Figment Festival- Outdoor Dance on Governors Island with Shandoah Goldman
Sammi Lim/Follow @ilikeloofahs on Instagram

By Sammi Lim/Follow @ilikeloofahs on Instagram
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Published on July 24, 2013

Fairy Tale Memories of Summer

SHANDOAH GOLDMAN Talks Fairy Tales and Zodiac In Her Newest Immersive Dance-Theater Installation

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast

Part dating game and part Wonderland-esque, woman/animal parallels, the FAIRYTALE PROJECT is based on the Chinese Zodiac and the attributes that label, guide, and shape human behavior especially in relation to compatibility, desire, and attraction.

Shandoah Goldman’s research concerned coupling, group dynamics, and the human urge not to be alone.


The Dance Enthusiast Dances Up Close to Choreographer Shandoah Goldman's FAIRYTALE PROJECT

Clips of the outdoor performance were shot during FIGMENT FESTIVAL on Governor’s Island on June 9th 2013. The piece required the participation of 12 male audience members, 3 per lead dancer. In order to choose their final partner, each dancer went through six steps of selecting via the senses - sound, touch, smell, taste, sight and a slow dance.


To find out more about Shandoah Goldman and her work, CLICK HERE





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