Limón Dance Company, in Colin Connor's "Corvidae" Photo: Christopher Duggan
Limón Dance Company, in Colin Connor's

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Dance News: Miss America, Nia Imani Franklin, Receives An Arts Education Award At Mark DeGarmo's Annual Dance for Dance Gala

Dance News: Miss America, Nia Imani Franklin, Receives An Arts Education Award At Mark DeGarmo's Annual Dance for Dance Gala

Published on May 7, 2019

The current Miss America, Nia Imani Franklin, was recipient of the inaugural Arts Education Advocate Award, presented by Mark DeGarmo's Dance for Dance at a Gala Event April 17 at the Lower Eastside Girl's Club on East 8th Street.   DeGarmo's large and appreciative following had a great evening of socializing, watching a few rousing student performances, enjoying good food, company, and a delightful song written and sung by Miss America.

Ms. Franklin, a classically-trained singer, is a staunch advocate of the arts and arts education.  She, and DeGarmo's hundreds of dedicated supporters, could not have found a more deserving organization.  For more than 30 years, Mark DeGarmo Dance has provided interdisciplinary dance arts education programs to thousands of disenfranchised, economically challenged kids, families, and schools across New York City's five boroughs.  The Company has funded 99% of the program costs for high-need schools and high-risk multicultural elementary students.  
DeGarmo Dance continues its important work in schools mainly in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. The organization's multi-year partnerships with NYC public elementary schools provide interdisciplinary dance arts and literacy instruction to students in PreK to 5th grade. It serves Title 1 schools lacking arts and physical education resources and have student populations that include nearly 100% people of color and recent immigrants. Through dance education, children are able to build age-appropriate dance skills and confidence, learn to collaborate with their peers, and create an environment of structure and routine.

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