IMPRESSIONS: Centre Chorégraphique National Ballet de Lorraine at NYU Skirball

IMPRESSIONS: Centre Chorégraphique National Ballet de Lorraine at NYU Skirball
Sarah Cecilia Bukowski

By Sarah Cecilia Bukowski
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Published on May 11, 2023
"Cela Nous Concerne Tous"; photo by Laurent Phillipe

A Poetic Response to CCN Ballet in Works of Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley and Miguel Gutierrez

For Four Walls

Choreography: Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley | Music: John Cage Four Walls (First Movement)

Pianist: Vanessa Wagner | Sets: Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley

Costumes: Petter Jacobsson, Thomas Caley, Martine Augsbourger and Annabelle Saintier | Lighting: Eric Wurtz 

Coproduction: Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse Paris

Cela Nous Concerne Tous (This Concerns All of Us)

Choreography: Miguel Gutierrez in collaboration with the artists of the CCN – Ballet de Lorraine

Music: Co-created by Miguel Gutierrez and Olli Lautiola | Lighting: Yi Zhao

Costumes: Miguel Gutierrez and Martine Augsbourger | Assistant to the Choreographer: Alex Rodabaugh

Dramaturgy: Stephanie Acosta | Rehearsal Assistant: Valérie Ferrando | Additional Research: Tristan Ihne

Dancers: Jonathan Archambault, Aline Aubert, Alexis Baudinet, Malou Bendrimia, Alexis Bourbeau, Charles Dalerci, Inès Depauw, Mila Endeweld, Angela Falk, Nathan Gracia, Léo Gras, Inès Hadj-Rabah, Tristan Ihne, Matéo Lagière, Laure Lescoffy, Valérie Ly-Cuong, Afonso Massano, Lorenzo Mattioli, Clarisse Mialet, Willem-Jan Sas, Céline Schoefs, Gabin Schoendorf, Léxane Turc, Luc Verbitzky

a poem with a picture of a mass of dancers in tones of grey filling the stage
poetry and picture of masses of bodies donned in white black and grey rehearsal clothes milling about with different groups engaged in lifts
the company on stage in a more ordered fashion seem to be involved in an exercise at an unseen ballet barre
a soloist in grey blue... a tank top and knee length jeans hinges into a back bend. a mirror image is behind him
the stage shifts to a bubble gum pink the dancers in more colorful rehearsal clothes organize in clusters  and some are taking off their clothes
again still seeming to strip off their outer wear the dancers actively mill about a central figure in the front lifts up her arm in evoking an image of power and freedom
more running more stripping of clothes a bit chaotic
the conclusion of the poem words only no image

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