IMPRESSIONS: Chunky Move at The Joyce Soho

IMPRESSIONS: Chunky Move at The Joyce Soho
Robert Streicher

By Robert Streicher
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Published on April 19, 2011
Proud Mother Pictures

A Guest Submission to The Dance Enthusiast

IMPRESSIONS: Chunky Move I Like This
The Joyce Soho April 6, 2011

Choreography:  Antony Hamilton, Byron Perry with Stephanie Lake, Alisdare Macindoe, Joseph Simons

Lighting and Sound: Antony Hamilton, Byron Perry

Music: Unnamed in program


“Postmodern with a Punchline”

©Robert Streicher, 2011- A Guest Submission to The Dance Enthusiast

Chunky Move’s, I Like This at the small Joyce Soho, was something like viewing a group of confused campers lost in a desert, attempting to plug their computers into a fictional black hole for directions.
Byron Perry and Antony Hamilton- Photo by Proud Mother Pictures

Good material made for a fresh and juicy “super-skit”. The plot-- the backstage antics of making the piece itself—was styled through an almost Chaplinesque entanglement of wires, lights, chairs, and text. Blessedly bi-polar, in the confused minds of its insecure creators, there never seemed to be an end to the f**king thing.
Fortunately, the indecision was rehearsed to brilliance with split second timing, and a firm, formal understanding of theatrical pace and comic take.
I found this very natural group of five refreshing and without attitude.
The Company in " I Like This" -Photo by Proud Mother Pictures














1. Robert Streicher was a controversial dancer and choreographer from 1970-1990. He is now a painter and writes on the dance.
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