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Two Improvisatory Evenings in January- NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AGAIN at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn (part 2)

Two Improvisatory Evenings in January- NEVER BEFORE, NEVER AGAIN  at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn (part 2)
Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram

By Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram
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Published on February 28, 2020
courtesy of the choreographer

Curated by The Lovelies

Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn
January 24th, 2020
Artists: Rachel McKinstry & Andy Dickerson, Jesse Zaritt, and The Lovelies

How does one curate spontaneous invention?

Which ventures will fulfill an evening or an audience’s attention span, especially over an ambitious period of three weeks?

The Lovelies, a fourth generation company of practicing improvisers (“paying attention for six years,” they say) are the guest curators of Triskelions Arts’ fifth annual improv festival Never Before Never Again, and they do a remarkable job of it. Though I enjoyed some endeavors more than others, never did my attention stray out of the theater.

“Improv is not just a tool for creating,” dancer/choreographer Pam Pietro reminds us in her pre-show remarks, “It is about allowing and opening.”

The performers devote their concentration and skill to the moment and we follow them, aware that at any instant the air could combust — or freeze.

Pietro describes the experience as “our histories meeting.”

How does one write about spontaneous invention?

In the spirit of experimentation, I decided to respond to the mystery that is improvisation by playing with the words in the notes I took over two evenings at Triskelion Arts.

Here Goes:

With you, you with us,
The energy tonight is like no other…

Rachel McKinstry & Andy Dickerson -lil’ cotton candy machine- improvised by: Rachel McKinstry (movement), Andy Dickerson, lighting, with Jeff Poulin, visual collaborator + plundered sound

CJ's Improvisational Dance Notes with Publicity shots of Rachel Mckinstry; Photo Courtesy of Choreographer


Jesse Zaritt - drawing a body, ritual, rapture, distortion

Jesse Zaritt; Triskelion Arts Publicity, Photo by Sigel Eschkol

Creation and Performance: Jesse Zaritt-Sound: Hayon Harat, Olamby Eli Jaffe, performed by Cantor Azi Schwartz-Text: Jesse Zaritt

CJ Notes on J. Zarrit background public domain sketch of Michelangelo

The Lovelies-Settling Dust-Improvised together by everyone on stage-

Performers: Joanna Futral, Lena Lauer and Katie Vason- Sound: Kirin McElwain and Ryan Wolfe

The Lovelies;photo Anthony Collins
CJ's notes on Improvisation  of The Lovelies

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