FJK Dance, "A Message of Peace" Photo Courtesy Choreographer
FJK Dance,

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A French Kissable Graphic Impression

A French Kissable Graphic Impression
Sammi Lim/Follow @ilikeloofahs on Instagram

By Sammi Lim/Follow @ilikeloofahs on Instagram
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Published on January 23, 2013

A Graphic Impression of Ready to Kiss [Prêt à Baiser]

PLUS  An Interview with Choreographer Olivier Dubois

Date of show: January 13th 2013
Venue: The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn
Choreographer: Olivier Dubois
Performers: John Hoobyar and Olivier Dubois
Music: Igor Stravinsky The Rite of Spring
Musical Arrangements: Francois Caffenne.

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