A Postcard from Red Bull BC One: B-Boy Battle in the Sky

A Postcard from Red Bull BC One: B-Boy Battle in the Sky

Published on August 11, 2014
Red Bull BC One

Las Vegas's High Roller, an aptly named Ferris wheel in Sin City, is officially the tallest ferris wheel ever built. Last month, one of its 28 spacious cabins doubled as a dance floor for some of the world's best B-Boys.

The dance-off in the sky served as a prelude to Red Bull BC One North America Final, one of the most prestigious international B-Boy competitions in the world. Competitors and audiences jet-set to new venues each year ranging from Switzerland to South Africa. This year's much-anticipated event, which fall on August 15th, takes place at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas.

During Red Bull BC One, B-Boys compete one-on-one as opposed to battling it out as a crew. The highlight of the contest is a knockout tournament featuring sixteen B-Boys who strut their signature moves before a panel of five judges.

Red Bull BC One All-Stars: Bboy Pelezinho, Bboy Roxrite and Bboy Ronnie with the members of Superc Cr3w cyphers.

When you're this far away from the ground - 550 feet high, to be exact! - you might as well be in space. Watching these B-Boys perform, you would imagine they were exempt from the rule of gravity. The truth is, these dancers are so good, they simply appear weightless.

The epic battle was filmed on camera; check it out for yourself here.

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2014's 16 Final Competitors are:
Jayd-illa (Los Angeles, CA), Vicious (Montreal, Canada), Viktor (Orlando, FL), Morris (Sacramento, CA), Tung Fu (Orlando, FL), El Niño (Boston, MA), MN Joe (St. Paul, MN), Rion (San Diego, CA), Icey Ives (Anchorage, AK), Tata (New York, NY), B-Boy Ben (Las Vegas, NV), Isaiah (Washington D.C.), Tony TBags (Boston, MA), Toyz aRe Us (Silver Spring, MD), Maynard (Las Vegas, NV) and Gravity (Brooklyn, NY).  

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