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A Video Postcard from Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company

A Video Postcard from Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company
Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram

By Christine Jowers/Follow @cmmjowers on Instagram
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Published on January 13, 2011
Christopher Duggan

Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company Goes to The Yard

The Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company Shares Their Experience

of Creating A New Work in a Video Postcard.


CDDC packed up their company van and travelled to The Yard on Martha's Vineyard to work on Carolyn Dorfman's newest opus "Cercle d 'Amour". This piece, featuring a resonant and versatile prop, the hula hoop, is Dorfman's choreographic response to what she was once told: "Laughter, too, can change the world."

Featuring music by Andy Tierstein, this ensemble work illuminates various aspects of relationships including play, competition, and fantasy. It has developed as a result of Dorfman's closer examination of this seemingly frivolous item and the images it stirs: a circle that encompasses and embraces, the need to find balance, and humor.

"Cercle d’Amour" opens a dialogue on love that invites audiences to think, laugh, and enjoy.

And Now for A Glimpse of "Cercle..." in Performance...

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