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Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast-David Dorfman Dance

Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast-David Dorfman Dance

Published on April 30, 2010

David Dorfman Dance Flips with The Dance Enthusiast while Rehearsing "Prophets of Funk"

In our very early enthusiast days, David Dorfman borrowed The Dance Enthusiast's flip camera and filmed the adventure of creating his work Prophets of Funk.  He  gave us his wonderful footage, which we then edited together - all part of a playful  conversation called FLIPPING with THE DANCE ENTHUSIAST. For several years we loaned out the portable, easy to record on Flip cameras to various dance companies in New York and received some great footage. The Flipping experiments were The Dance Enthusiast's first foray into video work.

David Dorfman Dance


Here are some excerpts of our Dance Enthusiast IMPRESSIONS OF : Prophets of Funk when it premiered at The Joyce Theater in 2012

from Trina Mannino:

"Channeling the life and work of the 60’s and 70’s music group, Sly and the Family Stone, Dorfman sets a fast and loose pace for his company of eight. The 55-minute work flies by. Bodies flip over one another. The dancers shimmy, gyrate, and “get down” across the stage. Raja Feather Kelly, in his fringe vest, afro and aviator sunglasses anchors the work as the front man, Sly Stone. Just when I think Dorfman has led us to a dance party that is going all night long, Kelly steers the funk forward singing “If you want me to stay” and encouraging the audience to stand up, cheer, and share the power of peace.

The work intertwines virtuosic dancing, humor and historical reference seamlessly. Kyle Abraham, the funny man, gives comedic relief in his golf cap and bell bottom pants as he shouts “that’s my step!” whenever a fellow dancer breaks out into their signature dance move, be it a booty shake or a quirky foot scoot. Whitney Tucker in a chambray blue halter jumpsuit brings down the house with a soulful solo. I notice every one of her vertebrae undulate. She grooves like a serpent." for the full IMPRESSION CLICK THE DANCE ENTHUSIAST WEBSITE

from Christine Jowers:

"David Dorfman, the human metronome of the work, embodies the joyful spirit of love power from the minute he struts out on stage in his platform shoes. Like a genie, his bursts of movement conjure up the cast. Later in more somber moments, seeming a bit dampened, he struts less, but by the finale he is back, infectious with power to the people.

It is a pleasure to watch a contemporary dance company that works so well together. While there is no doubt that these are dancers with some of the grooviest kick ball changes you will ever see, the chief reason we’re charged with the excitement of a live rock concert, or troubled by the breakdown of a strung out Sly Stone on the Dick Cavett show, is because the performers have fully invested themselves in the soul of their subject matter. Those legs that whip, and those ribs, hips and feet that flash by like rhinestones, all come from a deeply felt and investigated place. And better than ever—the dancers work is supported completely by the all the elements of production: Dorfman’s choreography and direction, the colorful wigged out costumes, the hallucinatory vibe of the media art, and the precise editing and selection of the music.

Raja Feather Kelly is magnetic as Sly. Funky. Sexy. Glittering. Jeweled and troubled. He portrays first, a charismatic young savior that people can't help but cling too, and then, a flying- too-high puppet who becomes a shade of his glorious promise. What a performer. You can’t help but fall in love with Kelly’s “Sly” no matter how bad he is for you." for the full IMPRESSION CLICK THE DANCE ENTHUSIAST WEBSITE

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Artistic Director
David Dorfman

Dancers in the video
Jenna Reigel
Renuka Hines
Whitney Tucker
Luke Gutgsell
Karl Rogers
Kyle Abraham
Raja Kelly


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