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Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast—Henning Rubsam

Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast—Henning Rubsam

Published on September 28, 2010

Henning Rubsam and Sensedance

September 2010 - A Dance Company On Tour

Henning Rubssam

The Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast experiment continues with Sensedance. Flipping videos feature our favorite professional dance companies and dancers revealing a slice of their behind- the- performance life and work to us in a way that is never shown in concert or promo video is truly from the heart. And what can I say but, " I love the hearts of dancers".

This particular video was taken from 2 hours of footage shared with us by Sensedance which we edited down to 5 minutes. It was very moving to see the company playing on tour, working in rehearsal, soaking up the culture of Peru and sharing their art with a new world.

I am filled with admiration. Please take a moment to discover the world of Sensedance, Henning Rbsam, and his very talented (and, now we know, fun loving) dancers.

And if you would like to Flip with The Dance Enthusiast click the link below to find out more about this playful experiment, then contact us at with FLIPPING in the subject line.




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