Janis Brenner Goes to Hawaii

Janis Brenner Goes to Hawaii

Published on April 6, 2011

Longtime soloist with The Murray Louis Company, Janis Brenner teaches Louis' "Porcelain Dialogues" to students of The University of Hawaii at Manoa with the help of Professor Betsy Fisher, also a Murray Louis alum.

Janis Brenner Goes to Hawaii

Welcome to another installment of Flipping With The Dance Enthusiast, where artists share their "real deal" behind the scenes dance process with us.

We are fortunate to accompany, dancer and choreographer, Janis Brenner on her journey to Hawaii, where ,with the aid of a National Endowment for The Arts American Masterpieces Grant , she and Dr. Betsy Fisher, a fellow Murray Louis alum, and professor at The University of Hawaii, share their knowledge of their mentors' very qualitative, detailed and specific approach to dance with student dancers.

Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast and Janis Brenner

Editors Notes/Corrections:
1. Mimi Wisnowski, pictured in the first frame of our Flipping video is the Chair Kapiolani Community College. The Chair of The University of Hawaii at Manoa is Gregg Lizenbery.
2. Murray Louis' name is misspelled in the Flipping video.

3. Porcelain Dialogues was taught and coached by Janis Brenner and Betsy Fisher for performances at University of Hawaii at Manoa, Janis presented master classes at Kapiolani Community College ( as seen in beginning of video), Windward Community College, and University of Hawaii at Manoa. Brenner also presented a lecture and open rehearsal at the university. Says Dr. Betsy Fisher, professor at UHManoa, "It was a joyous and rich experience for all involved!"


Janis Brenner will be performing with her company Janis Brenner & Dancers at Danspace St. Marks Church April 7-9, 2011 8pm
for more about that performance click the link below.

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