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Melissa Riker of Kinesis Project FLIPs with The Dance Enthusiast

Melissa Riker of Kinesis Project FLIPs with The Dance Enthusiast

Published on January 30, 2011

A Flipping Video Journal shared with us by choreographer Melissa Riker of The Kinesis Project, illustrates the observations,work, and dreams of a choreographer as she explores defintions of "home" for a new piece.

Melissa Riker Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast while creating MAPPING HOME.

MAPPING HOME is a new indoor/outdoor performance work created from interviews with volunteers about their ideas of Home.
From words people utter, the way their voices sound, to images they provoke, the movement and environments will be generated for the dances.
The performances will occur in a series in various outdoor and indoor spaces that are based in the descriptions people invoke in their interviews. A dance may be placed on a beach, a cliffside, a couch, a riverbed, or a is a choose-your-own-adventure built by many.

MAPPING HOME aim's to be a long range process of interviews and perfromances that will be collected in photos and in video over time.

Melissa Riker and Kinesis Project Flipping with the Dance Enthusiast Part 1 of 2

Dancers in the video are:
Zoe Bowick, Hilary Brown, Madeline Hoak, Jun Lee, Benjamin Oyzon and Rebecca Patek
Other people:
Melissa Riker ,and Homer Frizzell
Places in the video are:
Inwood Hill Park
Ft. Tryon Park
The Rover Soho
DANY Studios
The A train



Melissa Riker and Kinesis Project Continue FLIPPING with The Dance Enthusiast (Part 2)

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