A Postcard from The Dance Enthusiast: #MyDancEmpowers Photo Contest

A Postcard from The Dance Enthusiast: #MyDancEmpowers Photo Contest

Published on May 10, 2015

The Dance Enthusiast's NEW Enthusiastic Event! Series offers audiences an extraordinary entrée to dance, creation, passion, and connection, and our theme this past Winter/into early Spring was DANCE AS EMPOWERMENT.

We asked: How does dance empower you? How do dancers empower themselves and strengthen their souls through movement? How has movement inspired others to empower themselves? WE BELIEVED YOU COULD SHOW US BETTER THAN TELLING US. 

Participants posted their photos using the hashtag #MyDancEmpowers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the contest participants' #MyDancEmpowers photos and their responses below.

And don't forget to SAVE-THE-DATE: June 30, 2015. Join us for our final Enthusiastic Event! of the dance season, a DANCE-ART-FUSION Party to welcome summer. Stay tuned for details.

Congratulations to #MyDancEmpowers Contest winner, Boomerang Dance. They will receive one complimentary ticket to our Enthusiast Event! DANCE-ART-FUSION and swag from Brooklyn-based fashion label VOODA!

Two dancers jump in the air on the beach as if they are in midst of flipping
Boomerang Dance: #boomerangdance #MYDANCEMPOWERS #forttilden
Boomerang Dance: "Thresheld." #MYDANCEMPOWERS 


A dancer performs in front of a projected video. Its image projects onto her body.

Anabella Lenzu: Creation and grieving processes come together in my newest work "In pursuit of Happiness"#mydancempowers #DanceEnthusiast

A body shrouded in black fabric
Barbara: Dance lets me go to a ritual place that has existed forever. #mydancempowers
A woman in a black and white polka-dot dress with her arms extended and a big grin on her face
Candace: How does dance empower me? #mydancempowers me to stay connected my community! @slmdances @dancenthusiast #slmdances #dancenthusiast #danceforthepeople #candancemoves

A dancing bear on stage

Cheryl: Here I am as The Bear in Dances Patrelle's "The Nutcracker." I had a great time. I was so scared. And doing the 30-second little piece did really empower me.

Cheryl: My son started as an angel in Dances Patrelle's "The Nutcracker" and rose all the way up the ranks to the Nutcracker Prince. To say this was empowering for him is an understatement. He now fancies himself a young scientist and just last night was talking about his experience on stage with Jennifer Ringer as the foundation to the work he is doing now at The Museum of Natural History. Dance is for everyone!
Little boys dance in their living room
Christine: #mydancempowers @dancenthusiast a blast from the not so distant past--memories of my #dancingboys making life fun. #danceinthehouse #dancersinthehouse #2danceus2live #notjust4thestage #danceis4everybody
A dancer performs in a dark hallway. Her arms mask her face.
@Julemberger: #mydancempowers @cmmjowers #julielembergerphotography #dance #solo
A dancer is in a lunge with one arm supporting her on the ground and one hand reaches for the sky. Her long brown hair flies in response.

Lindsay: I move as if every breath is a dance. I dance because it is natural. I am a dancer in every moment of my day as mother, as wife, as artist, and as part of this beautiful life I was given. I can’t imagine a day without my heart asking for movement and for my dance. www.artistsinunity.com This excerpt is from The Process~ The Practice~ The Artist written by AIU Artistic Director Lindsay Schaefer in Collaboration with Photography from AIU company members Michael Kubel, Andy To, and Kendra Brisco

A dancer in a yellow dress looks directly at the contest, looking as if she is about to take off in a sprint
@SLMdances: Hey @dancenthusiast! Our dance empowers women to push FORWARD with their dreams and movement building, and to be their fullest selves.
A dancer wearing sunglasses kicks her left leg high in the air with her arms above her head

@soulforhire: Hey @dancenthusiast! #MYDANCEMPOWERS me to keep pushing my limits everyday, no matter what. Here is me dancing #sputnik for @balletswithatwist. Photo Nico Malvaldi

Stacey: Live. Love. Dance. ❤️ @creativewomenunite #FeminismIs Performance is this Saturday from 6pm until 1am at 2800 San Jacinto. We go on at 8:30pm. Come check out @pretty_cultured! Mural by @treesmcgee #dance #dancelife #dancephotos #dancepics #prettycultured #houarts #houdance #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlfly #realbrowngirls #forcoloreddancers

Stacey: @pretty_cultured Working on new movement with @felicia_glw. #artandactivism #prettycultured #prettyculturedvlog #jcolebefree #houarts #houdance #dancelife #choreography #blacklivesmatter #blackchoreographers #blackwomen #BlackGirlMagic #blackgirlsrock #Blackgirlwhorocks #femalechoreographers #blackisbeautiful

Taylor: #DanceIsLife #MyDancEmpowers

Trina: @dancenthusiast #MyDancEmpowers me to reach new heights! photo @multifacetedmisa


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