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Postcard from Kingsley Irons, Artistic Director of Dances Made to Order

Postcard from Kingsley Irons, Artistic Director of Dances Made to Order

By Kingsley Irons

Published on January 19, 2012

Dances Made to Order Features New York Dance Film Artists AND will make an appearance at The Dance On Camera Festival...

A Postcard to all dance and film enthusiasts, from Kingsley Irons:

Kingsley Irons is a choreographer, filmmaker and Artistic Director of Dances Made to Order.

Dances Made to Order is a curated, monthly, film series available exclusively online at Every month, we offer a dose of cool, cheap,convenient culture by featuring three talented artists who rise to the challenge to create a five-minute film in two weeks inspired by ideas chosen by our audience!

“We firmly believe talented artists should be compensated for their work, and that we need to find new ways of funding the arts. Dances Made to Order provides
a global distribution platform for dance film, and we also share our profits: 65% of our ticket revenue goes back to our artists and an additional 10% goes to each of our curatorial partners. The way audiences consume media is changing. We want dance film to have a place in the changing media landscape by presenting it through a forum that is unfettered by the constraints of geography, time and distance.”



Trailer for Pursuit, a 2011 Dance Made To Order film by Hip Hop Trailblazer, dancer, choreographer, filmmaker and native of Los Angeles, Amy "Catfox" Campion. This film will be featured in this years upcoming Dance On Camera Festival....

For info on the showing of this film at The Dance On Camera Festival, click here




Now already in the second month of our season, Zach Morris of Dance Films Association's Dance Film Lab has curated our New York edition which will feature New York Artists: Kelly Bartnik and Geoffrey Ehrlich ,Hanaah Frechette, and Mayuna Shimizu.

Zach Morris says, “I'm thrilled to be curating February's Dances Made to Order, and excited to see what Geoff/ Kelly, Mayuna, and Hanaah create. They are artists with wildly different sensibilities and are coming from vastly different points in their careers (from producing work in NY for more than a decade, to starting to make work only few months ago). I feel that they represent an interesting cross section of artists who've found their way to creating dance for the camera. Most of all, they are all fantastic artists with an astute understanding that the dance film form can be a meaningful way to articulate an artistic vision that simply could not exist on stage or in another medium.”




Vote on the ideas that will inspire our New York artists’ work from February 8 through February 16 at midnight.
(The New York Series Will Premiere on our site on March 7th)

Click "SIGN UP"

Tickets for Dances Made to Order can be purchased for a season (0) or single month (0). Artists get the majority share—65% total—of each ticket sold with Dances Made to Order covering all administrative costs. The new Dances Made to Order website (launching soon) is powered by open source tech and Brightcove for fast, universally supported video.





In 2012, Dances Made to Order proudly partners with local artists and arts organizations in 11 different US cities who will each select three artists that highlight their city’s unique dance culture. The cities and curatorial partners for the 2012 season of Dances Made to Order are:
January — Los Angeles. Curated by Kingsley Irons, producer of Dances Made to Order
February — New York. Curated by Zach Morris of Dance Films Association's Dance Film Lab.
March — Salt Lake City. Curated by Ashley Anderson of loveDANCEmore
April — Atlanta. Curated by Malina Rodriguez of Dance Truck and The Lucky Penny
May — Chicago. Curated by The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago
June — Boston. Curated by Alissa Cardone of Kinodance
July — Minneapolis. Curated by Laurie Van Wieren, choreographer and producer of 9x22 Dance/Lab
August — Philadelphia. Curated by d. Sabela Grimes in partnership with Philadelphia Dance Projects
September — San Francisco. Curated by ODC Theater a October — New Orleans. Curated by Diogo De Lima, choreographer and filmmaker
November — Austin. Curated by Ellen Bartel of Spank Dance Company



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